Oh Canada, you're land is so gay...

Discussion in 'General' started by deadhead, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. Yay for Canada legalizeing gay marages. Eventhough it doesn't matter for me for two reasons, one that I don't live in Canada, and two I'm not gay. But, I think it's a step in the right direction for tollerance to things that don't hurt other people. Maybe one day it will lead to a marijuana reform?
  2. i agree they can do what they want, and be together for ever and "bonded" what have you...

    but i DO NOT agree with them being married. marraige is the term for a man and women becoming lifelong partners under god. thats not the same as two men who could never father a child, same as two women.

    being wed, thats cool, being married, i dont think so.
  3. LMAO @ deadhead.

    heehee... ok .. u got me. i thought this place had gone all ya--... gone all AOL. (i dont want to perpetuate the petty rivalry we have seen too much of with the other place)
  4. Well the US banned the Gay Sex Law. But I don't see it going anywhere with Marijuana yet.
  5. similar things happening in Scotland.

  6. actually i think they're more concerned with the term "marriage" in the sense that it is a legitamate legal document which grants them immunity/exemption/perks in life which are only attainable through a marriage license. fuck any god or religion that would be a POS enough to be that naive..sorry but its the truth.....and i understand what you were trying to sayy with the same sex couples fathering/mothering a child..but other than the biological setbacks whats so wrong with adoption or conception by consent?....two fathers/mothers are just as capable of rearing a healthy young child as any other couple would.

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