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oh boy....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. my friend failed the schools drug test today...i dont quite know whats going to happen with him and his girlfriend, but i know hes out of all school activities from now on and such..ill keep yall posted on what i find out..

    good karma to him.
  2. Sending good Karma to him.

    Damn thats a shame. That makes it hard for every thing he tries to do at school now..
  3. exactly..there was some sort of competition he could go to and get bonus points, and it would get him out of the hole in one of his math classes, but he cant even do that now, no sports, no senior prom, no clubs, NOTHING...

    ya know, it seems to me, that whenever they promote these clubs and whatnot they say its to use your free time and keep you off the streets and off drugs, isnt it a little hipocritical to take those things away that are supposed to help really pissed off right now, i think its all bullshit. public school drug testing is a fucking waste of money, and a waste of time, the school im from is apparently hell bent on spending money on just plain shit, last year security cameras were installed to keep the fighting and drug problem down..THERE WAS NO FIGHTING OR DRUG PROBLEM..if they want a fucking fighting and drug problem they need to go to a bigger school and see how decent and safe our school really was...its complete and total bullshit.
  4. I know what you mean. Back in my school days there were only 5-8 fights a year. I think it was because 80% of us were pot smokers!

    They are going to far with all this BS on kids today. They have to learn more in a shorter period of time and then try and do something for the school!
  5. my class was the last one that wouldn't stand for the bullshit that the principal was pulling, after we left the place went to hell. they lost so many rights it isn't even funny. not drug testing though.
  6. RARRRRRR!!!

    im from arkansas..and its not just here, its alot of places...and it is complete and total bullshit...
    i cant even fucking think straight...
  7. I'm sorry about your friend, Norm. I'm sending some cool karma that way.

    I got an email this week from the director of a new organization called Teachers Against Prohibition (TAP) and they are against drug testing. They are trying to build their membership of educators who oppose prohibition. I figure if anyone can make a difference in getting drug testing abolished from schools, it will be teachers.'s a link:
  8. thank you im fixing to check up on it now...

    when i seen that you had replied, i had already had it made up in my mind that i was going to ask you if you had any links or advice or words of wisdom or anything.
  9. thanks again..i just dont know what the crap i can do to help him

    his mom has him on lockdown, no phone, no visitors, cant go anywhere, i have no way to contact him, thats what bothers me the most

    on a more selfish note, alot of my shit is over there too, excalibong, rolling machine, papers, blunt wraps, etc etc...the only thing of mine that i have here is my roach clips and a couple homemade bongs...if she goes up the wall and decides to raid his room, im gonna lose excalibong and other great things..

    i just dont fucking understand.
  10. its bs..
    Its why I love my school. Public pittsburgh school baby...
    motto =

    I juz dont give a fawk!
    2 of the security guards smoke the buddah..n the other one is still just as cool..lets me off for everything.

    man, anyway good luck to your friend. Way to go arkansas, nother harmless stoner's school career ruined because he decided to have HARMLESS FREAKIN FUN!
    I dont think he ran over any kids on bikes, crashed any cars, or shot anyone while smoking a pink bong, so why the fkin bullshit on him?

    my dad told me that he smoked with half the shcool board in high school..i mgiht have said that already..but oh well

  12. yep..the government keeps sending out the message that weed is evil.

    I've never seen a commercial about the evils of crack and herion..not lately anyway..
    I think they rather have teens doing crack and herion than weed...
  13. i just wish i could at least talk to him.
  14. Did they kick him out of school?
  15. no, hes still in school..but hes under some kind of supervision, and hes out of every single thing except the athletics, no prom, no nothing.
  16. yea.. I know whatcha mean, he cant sneak on the phone at night n call ya or somthin?
    or run up to his house n throw a snowball at his window..i've had to do it a few times to get in contact with people.
    its a bit ol' fashion but works.
  17. That's some tough stuff.

    Makes me glad that I got my drug induced high school stuff outta the way before the WOD.

    So, yeah, whats up now Norm?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I see I'm late again.
  18. They do the same thing around here. They will kick the kids here out of school for a week and then the kids have to drug test once every other week for a while. I don't really know how long though!
  19. did they give him a reason? not that he smokes. a REAL reason. I mean, what the hell does smoking have to do with what he does extra-cirricular?!

    for fucks sake.

    He obviously was doing JUST FINE! I know so many people who are as clean as ever and do shitty in school, and the school doesnt GIVE A FCK!
    thats how stupid our god damn system is. ESPECIALLY the schools. They cant WAIT to punish you and take away your education. I thought schools were there to educate, not take away your freakin privilages for doing something that didnt effect the school WHAT-SO-EVER!!

    man that even gets me pissed

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