OGxSourdiesel 150w Darkroom: Flowering!

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  1. Ok hello everybody! Im stoked to say i have 6 OGxSourdiesel clones flowering in the good 'Ol Dr60 Darkroom tent. These clones were purchased from a quality medical collective in my little nook of southern california. Very happy with the growth traits and quick recovery from stress to this point.

    I am using a DIY bubble bucket, i.e. DWC tub. I have two pumps running one 18inch bubblebar. I've found this to be the best method for the most bubbles. Overdriving the airstones prevents clogging and just seem to work significantly better than running two smaller ones.

    I am using BOTANICARE'S pure blend pro grow and bloom nutrients and thats it. However this run i'm adding molasses at the appropriate stage of flowering on the advice of GGMALLOW so things should be good as gold this run.

    My only worry is the heat issues that may arise soon given the beginning of summer and all. Temps have been in the 78-82 F range which is fine with me as long as it doesnt start climbing beyond 82. Night temps drop 10 degrees so the plants handle the light hours just fine at 80ish. Water temps in the DWC tub are 68ish.

    I keep the pH around 5.9 in veg and 5.6 in flowering.

    ppm is currently around 350. Next week its going up to 700, 1200 the week after and full strength levels following that.

    So im sure ive left out details so feel free to ask whatever you'd like. This is a completely open thread im not worried about off topic conversations so fire away.

    Here are some pics showing the growth from clone to now at 5 days into flowering. I plan to flower for 9 weeks so lots of good pics to come. I also threw in a pic of the tent and some of the fruit of my labor from last round just for fun.

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  2. Ok folks, so here we are at 5 days into flowering. I gave the girls 3 days of fresh (tap) water with no nutrients during the transition into flowering, and then hit em with 350 ppm of flowering nutes. They loved it and just blew up over the last few days take a look. Sorry again for the cell phone pic but its not all terrible.

    Also, i failed to take a pic of this but will next time i can, my two clones and mother i have vegging in an aerogarden currently all developed something i havent seen before.
    The tips of the leaves are almost rotted looking, but a dark purplish brown and they feel like a very thin piece of rubber, maybe even tougher than the leaf was before it "rotted". However there is not doubt in my mind that these pieces are dead as a door nail, to borrow the colloquialism. So the symptoms are a purple rubbery rotted slightly shirveled look on the foremost 20% of the leaves (the tip). Any thoughts? pH is 5.9 ppm 300 water constantly circulated. I cant think what it could be

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  3. Nice!!!!


  4. Thanks Arnold! More pics to come later this weekend
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    SDholic- Did those cuts come from 30th st? Wondering because i picked up some SD/OG from there, that are about to flower... Iv'e got them in a 30 gal DWC res...too..
  6. Hey man, i guess my SD has been found out haha. They were actually purchased from NaturesRX in clairemont mesa. But i was told when i drilled the guy for info on the clones that they were provided to 10-15 clinics in the area and 30th street clinic is only 5-10 minutes from there, so point being, i wouldnt be suprised if it was the same plant from the same or similar mother.

    Do you have a journal or plans for one? Id love to see your progress
  7. Appreciate the reply sdholic, wouldn't surprise me if they were the same... anyways here are a couple of pics from the SD/OG DWC from 30th st... this was my first DWC unit, results have been great so far, i have not began to flower them yet, theyv'e been vegging for about 50 days under 250w mh. Can i ask what nutrients are you using? Have you got to experience any of the final product yet?

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    I have tasted the final product from the same clinic we got the clones. It was top grade A+ no doubt. Its a pretty classic sour diesel. Funny thing is legend has it that OG kush and the sour diesel are actually the same strain but a significantly different phenotype. Dont ask me if thats true or not but ive tasted the two side by side and its possible i suppose. Anyway your setup looks great man. I gotta say though my 20gal DWC is heavy as fuck, so i cant imagine what a 30gal feels like. You must be stonger than me.

    As far a nutrients, i use the botanicare pure blend pro line or "mostly organic" nutrients. They are easy and seem to produce excellent results based on my last run.

    I run plain water until week 2 of veg (assuming they are clones to begin with not seeds).

    Week two i run 250 ppm
    Week three 500ish
    Week four 1000

    Since i flower at 4 weeks veg i give it a 4 day flush during the transition into flowering. Then start the charade over but at 500 ppm flower nutrients to start. I increase weekly (how much you increase ppm levels each time is really strain dependent so be minimalist to start)

    I work up to 1600-1700 ppm a week before harvest and then flush.

    This run im planning to use molasses soon before and into the flush so stay tuned to see how that goes.

    To be honest though man it seems you have your shit down. Just keep it simple. They look great. id flower soon unless you have a huge hps goes they're gettin a bit large..

    by the way: i gotta say now that i look at those pictures high as a bloody kite those first shots of the clones look identical to the ones i got soon after they got going... i mean exactly: internodal spacing, color size, leaf structure... im pretty damn sure we're growing the same plant... and even if we're not, hell its more fun to think we are... ok im done gotta pack another toke
  9. Okie dokie smokey, so here are some lovely, but a bit stretchy OGxsourdiesel ladies at day 10 of flower. There are now a good number of pistils forming on the bud sites-to-be, which is encouraging... definitely have 6 ladies here. So here are a few pictures for anyone searching the city as high as i am right now. Sorry the first pic is fuzzy. I couldnt get a good shot for the life of me and then i got a good clear one but go figure, you could see my face in the mirror.. so you guys get the fuzzy one, sorry.

    So like i said above they are stretchier than the previous indicas i grew. But i figure since these plants are, i believe, largely sativa, the stretching is somewhat genetic. Hope i still get a good bit of stash though.

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  10. looks good bro. I'll be checking up on your progress-so keep those pics comin... Happy growing and stay safe.
  11. looks like u really got it down now man. I remember Way back when u had blue cheese issues. You've came so far

  12. Hey man thanks for stickin around. I was so damn angry with all those runs of blue cheese. Waisted 60 bucks and a ton of other seeds just fryin 'em or drownin 'em or something. Anyways thanks for the kind words. I just put together a scrog dwc tub for the next run, so now my goal is to produce a reasonable amount of bud (only an ounceish last run...)
  13. Ok so heres the new hydro tub i set up today. I took the pics about a minute before i broke pvc contraption off of the lid. I used marine epoxy and it just didnt hold. Any ideas on what i might use to fix this, anyone?

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  14. Dude I am hella jealous!!! I want one just like that dude! For real make me one please!!!!! Like I really wanna do a Scrog and thats how I in visioned it on a pot though. I ran into the problem of transplants though with the pot. I have been getting some what interested in hydro recently though so that problem is solved... I would only need like a 3 gallon 1 plant set up though. My veg box prevents me from doing so much. :( I think about throwing it in the dumpster every day man. I really think one day another DR80 might just show up nad I will just have to explain my self then... Only reason there is any issue picking it up because another project I have. Shit this is an Armageddon stoned rambling my bad dude I keep doing this on peoples journals when I get mega stoned. YOU HAVE BEEN A VICTIM....:confused_2::smoking::bolt:
  15. So the girls just finished their 3rd of the approximate 9 weeks of flowering they require. I did a good bit more trimming today as it was getting too thick and a lot of budsites were hidden from the light. I put up some before and after shots of the ladies, ill let you guys guess which one is after. I have yet to trim enough to stress the ladies into slowing down at all, in this run or the last one.

    I switched the nutrient solution out again today as well, part of the weekly procedure. I upped the flowering nutes to 1200 ppm, and pH is at 5.6. Im worried about how stretchy these ladies are being sativa dominant and vegged with a HPS. We will see how this effects the yield. The fact is though stretchy or not i managed to stuff my 2x2' space much more efficiently than last round with 3 times as many plants so the yield will undoubtedly improve to some degree. Hey its all about the quality anyway right? This is just my educational experimentation with the most beneficial plant on earth, any success is success.

    The last two pics are of the, now bonsai'd, lemon skunk mother, she's about 3 1/2 months old i think...

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  16. Looking good. I subscribed without posting in here but I'm following your grow. I also notice that this thread only gets posted in at like 2-4 in the morning.

  17. Ya its the lazy stoner thread. Its my fault for only updating weekly but stuff gets fun about this time in flowering so i tend to take more pictures. Im also using molasses and maybe botanicare's sweet as well this time so i think it'll get interesting, or at least ill have issues and need help.

    Anyway only point was im stoned, thanks for subscribing, and pot rules.... thanks for stickin around man:D

  18. Yo, O'sF, thats my official overcomplicated stoner short version of your name, i had a question for ya. Im going to pick up the molasses here tomorrow and realize that i have yet to find out when im supposed to use this stuff. I get the impression its towards the end of flowering and sometimes even through the flush? When and how much of this sugary stuff do you feed your soil plants?
  19. Ahh! I use my molasses almost the entire flowering period. I start slow and eventually use about 2 to 3 tsp per gallon. I continue to use molasses even through the flush! Molasses rocks dude! Make sure you buy unsulphured black strap though or you will get a plant who has its angry face on.
  20. Hey SD! Thanks for pointing us to the right direction. I didn't know you had another journal going. Hope your doing good bro. Take it easy.

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