OGS Willamette Valley Pineapple

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  1. The Seeds:
    Willamette Valley Pineapple
    genetics: [ ( trainwreck/Hawaiian sativa) ] X [ (trainwreck/Hawaiian sativa x C99 (pineapple) x Lifesaver/Sour Bubble) ]
    Flowering period: ~ 52-58 days
    Harvest outdoor beginning 3rd week Sept. (northern Oregon)

    **From http://oregongreenseed.com/**

    The Lights:
    Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light
    300W Indoor Plant Grow Lights Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Veg and Flower
    Planned Veg Schedule 24hrs
    Planned Flower Schedule 12/12hrs

    The Soil:
    xxxxxxxx (will update)
    16 gal buckets with drain holes.

    The Water:
    6.5 PH from the tap. Softened well water.

    The Grow:
    Since I waited until now to do this journal, we have missed the first few weeks.

    7/9 - Picture is about 1 week after transfer. I think I may have transferred to early they only grew in a solo cup for a few weeks. There was no root ball at the time of transfer. The roots came out bare at the time of the transfer. The lights are at 18in.


    7/11 - Lots of growth shown in just a few days. I think I did not adjust the lights quick enough and we have experienced some light burn.


    7/16 - They are going strong! I checked the run off PH and it is at 6.0. I will wait a few weeks before I start feeding, or until the plants gives me the signal.

  2. 7/21 - Today they drank twice as much. They looked like they needed it. The one on the left has a yellowier tint to it. Not sure the cause, seems much smaller too. I topped them and cut off anything touching the soil. I also hung a sticky trap for safety.
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    7/31 - Not sure what is going on with lefty... Gave her a trim and water but has not shown much growth.

    Righty is doing well... Gave her a trim and water as well. Adjusted the light to 18" above the top. We also started nutes this week, first dose was 15mL.
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  5. 8/4/17 - Seems to be loving life. Gave it some nutes and topped a final time (I think?).

    I gave up on sister. No growth at all. Pulled the plant and it had good soil and strong roots (from what I could tell). The roots went from top to bottom. I can't for the life of me under stand what hurt it.

    Sorry for the delayed update.


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