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  1. Well i haven't posted much about my plants lately. Well for a little history. I had about 10 bag seeds start, and my dad started taking care of them more often than i was so i gave them to him. Out of that 10 there is 4 females. And one looks bad right now, i got to get pics of it. Well i started 8 seeds, some that i bought. Online 3 seeds sprouted, 2 C99s and 1 BCcouchlock. Well one of the C99s was a male for sure. All six plants are in a growbox with flouros on 12/12. I'm broke so i can't get any other lights. Once i start seeing sex of females i'm taking them out. But only one of my dads plants are showing hairs. I'm pretty sure everythings female, because normaly males show sex first. I'm going to get everything out of the box soon and put outside so i can take some clones and try to start a few more good seeds that i have. My C99 male i took for a walk and planted it for away from were my other plants will be. I want to get some good seeds for years to come if my clones don't work out too well.

    I'll try to get some pics soon.

    Oh yeah, i planted 2 poppys outside, and every night sinse i planted them theres been big ass storms. I hope there ok. The one poppy i have that i made my poppy thread about, the peddles are falling from the pods. I'll give it a week or so and put some test cuts on it.
  2. originally posted by uh overgrow ray lol ;)
    Oh yeah, i planted 2 poppys outside, and every night sinse i planted them theres been big ass storms. I hope there ok. The one poppy i have that i made my poppy thread about, the peddles are falling from the pods. I'll give it a week or so and put some test cuts on it.

    where do i get real poppy seeds?u know the real good ones that give u the most opiam?and can i grow them under an hps light does anyone know?

  3. Yes you can grow them indoors, i think you can use a hps. But i grow outdoors because the plant will come back every year if you leave the roots in the ground. I'm not sure if you gain much more by growing them indoors. I don't have a place to grow them at my house so i drive a few miles to a clearing in the woods. I'd like to have poppys spread all over that acre size lot. Well i got my seeds from a friend. Most poppy seeds you find will be the right kind. Go to poppies.org and i think they have seeds.
  4. I also have a few poppies planted i love raw opium smells like fine insense, black gummy?sticky. I cook it myself in a small bit of boiling water to get rid of contaminents, cook off water untli the cooked smoking opium remains. YUMMY

  5. well two plants of my fathers died i guess. I checked on the plants today, and two of his are gone. My two are looking great. But this sucks, only 4 plants, that is going to give us shity outdoor grow. Well i guess i'm going to have to try cloning, i've never done it before. I havn't been having great luck with plants lately and i'm worried it won't work well for me. But i got to do something or i probably won't even get a half pound this year.
  6. whrer do they sell C99 seeds? i wanna try some:D
  7. Yeah man, mee too (stoned Post)
  8. I checked on the male C99 that i put otudoors, and it was dead. The stalk was broken at the ground, and bugs ate the hell out of the leafs. Its ok though because its only a male, but i did want it so i could get some more kick ass seeds. I'm scared to put my females out, the weather has been sucky lately. I'll be able to check on them though more often than i do now. I don't have batterys in my camera so it might take me a little while longer to get pics. My bro took the batterys for my game boy and used them up.

    I really don't know were i got my seeds. I can't remember the site name at all. I know it wasn't a big site, i was worried about ordering from the site because i never heard of it before so i emailed the dude that owned it and he sent me them seeds for free. ... i'm going to look up info on C99 i'll update more on it later.

    No i don't think i've heard of cherry bud. I'll look around though.
  9. well i pretty much only found out what i already know. I wanted a couchlock strain, and one far from it. And C99 is a "up" kinda high, a head high, real spacey and trippy. Its a good strain if you don't want a couch-lock high. maybe look at cannabisworld.com for seeds. I think they cost a lot.
  10. Ok I think my couchlock might be a male, i'm not sure yet but its starting to look that way. I'm pretty stressed out right now so i don't care, as long as my C99 is female i'll be ok. It doesn't have many places to clone from though. Heres some pics of my C99.

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  11. Side view.

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  12. I know the pictures could of been better. Sorry about that. I'll try to get some more pics whenever i can. I want to get some of the other plants around. Well here is the one grow box that was built, its kinda small. I use it for starting plants and sometimes to hold a mother. I put my C99 in there because she is my new mamma. I should of turned the light off inside before i took the pic but oh well.

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  13. Yeah i know mirrors arn't good. But the white paint doesn't do a good enough job and foil is even worse. I'm watching it closely, i haven't seen any hot spots. I really need light to get to the bottom of the plant, theres a few little branches down there i need to get bigger so i can try to clone them. Well i got to go and clean, my house is trashed because of drunks last night.
  14. HIGH All, ok I'm not one for telling someone on how to grow their plants...but if you know the mirrors aren't good why? use them. The white painted walls you have are reflecting more light than those mirrors right now. It might not look like it but it is.
    And you have some nice healthy looking plants by the way.
  15. am i right in thinking that polystyrene is the best?
  16. i duno, well the plants a male so it doesn't matter. I started so many good seeds and they were all male, i'm really pissed. the leaf got me high though.
  17. I see you said you get high on the male leaves. I have 5 males hanging upside down in my cantena(cool,dark,and small oscillating fan). Just chopped them down yesterday and it broke my heart.I have the same bad luck as you. Out of 7 plants 5 were male. The females look great though, both nice and starting to show their buds. Can I really get high on the boys or is it just a waste of my time? Also how much THC is in a 2 month old male vegged under a 400 MH, 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Can I do anything with the males or should I just chuck them. How about using them to spruce up some food? Any answer would be appreciated.GROWBIGBUDSINTORONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Yeah the leaf from male plants has thc, but just a little. When you have nothing else its something. I'll mix leaf with bud and smoke it.

    I have 16 plants started and outside. Its far away from anything. I hope a bunny don't eat them. I don't know how good these plants are going to do. I have two females outside right now that been out over a month, they don't look like they have grown sense i took them out of a grow box.
  19. Any more pictures?
  20. I wish you guys could see my set up. It's pretty cool. I have a veggie and separate flowering chamber.I have 2females about 4 or 5 weeks away from harvest and they are really starting to bud. The prettiest plant on the face of the planet is a cannabis plant in full bloom. HE HE HE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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