Ogee's 600 Watt Tent grow

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  1. Alright heres the layout.
    Purple # 1- Dutch Passion
    Hollands hope- Dutch passion
    LSD- Barneys farm
    Confidential Cheese- Reserva Privada
    Cole Train- Reserva Privada
    Sharksbreath- DNA Genetics
    Lemon Skunk- DNA Genetics
    Rock lock- DNA Genetics
    White Siberian- Dinafem

    =Fox farm Grow big
    = Fox Farm Tiger Bloom
    = Great White Mycorrhizae
    = Molasses

    - Lumatek 600 Watt HPS/MH with Easy cool 6 Reflector
    - 6 Inch active air inline fan
    - Can 33 Carbon filter
    - 2 Clip on Oscillating fans

    And the Tent is a 76x76x76 Tent. Yes very large. I know haha but there will be room to toss in another 600 watt down the line which is good.

    Any input?

  2. nice setup and variety of strains. any pics?
  3. Not yet, ill have pic's up either tommorow or the next day for sure
  4. [​IMG]

    This pic was taken earlier today. I have everything completley set up now. Carbon filter is in the back right corner but you cant see it. Just running some temperature tests right now and should start germinating tommorow
  5. Trying to get atleast a Lb. Off of 10 Plants. Shouldnt be too much of a problem. All the seeds are germinating right now and im just waiting for them to crack.
  6. Not enough light for a 6X6X6 IMO. You should use one corner for a 4X4. The plants will branch over each other at the edges seeking light. Get two 90w UFO's and supplement the sides. Great set up. Nice and clean and air cooled.

    You didn't indicate whether you have a vortex fan to sit on the carbon filter. If you have one then you don't need the inline fans. That vortex will really move some air. If you don't have one with at least 250 cfm, then I would look into getting one. Don't need 2 osilatting fans. The vortex will make the plants sway back and forth. Just need one to move the air up cause the fresh air only comes from the bottom slits in the tent. I would put the other one on your ballast outside the tent to cool it.
  7. Yeah Ill consider getting the Ufo's. I plan on throwing in either a 400 or another 600 watt. And Im using a 6 inch active air inline fan that is rated at 400 CFM. and vortex fans are also inline fans as far as I know... My Fan isnt mounted ontop of the filter though, you can see it in the top left part of the tent.
    But yeah Ill deffinetley grab those UFO's. I think they go for around 100$ a piece at my local hydro store.
  8. Grabbing the UFO's friday. I got 6 confidential cheese and 1 purple #1 germinating right now. its been 2 days and a few of the seeds have started to crack but no tap root yet. hopefully tommorow :hello:
  9. All the cheese popped there taproot and are now under 24/7 under the HPS. yes... the HPS -.- I need to pick up an MH bulb tommorow or saturday.
    Currently waiting for the purple #1 to crack and just started 4 Hollands hope.

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