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OG Purple Kush (Worth the money?)

Discussion in 'General' started by Anonymous 1ne, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. What is the difference between Kush and OG Kush? Or more importantly, Purple Kush and OG Purple Kush?

    I got someone who's trying to sell an oz of OG Purple Kush for $400. I'll do the deal, but of course I'm trying to bargain 'em down some, to $350 to be exact.

    Anybody blown some OG Purple Kush before? Is it worth the buck?
  2. uh definately worth 400 especially if you can get it for 350.

    ounces of "no name" dank is 400 or 420 around here, and if you get OG Purple Kush (if that is what it really is) for 400, you straight
  3. Around where? Canada? Isreal? Japan?

    nobody can tell the op if its a good deal, becuase the op's location is unknown and the world doesn't have parity pricing.
  4. I'm in the States, Midwest to be exact.
  5. Take a look at the bag. Is it worth the money?

    Names mean absolutely nothing. I don't care who you are buying it from.

    EDIT: to give you a reference point, I've paid $400 for an ounce of absolutely top of the line quality before. Nowadays I'll go $350 tops, but I usually get fire (not top of the line, but still absolute fire) for $300/o.
  6. That's not bad at all. But yeah, I will definitely inspect it to make sure that shit is some straight OG. They said it got lots of crystals, so if I see it and it does, that will push me to get it.

    The main thing though, is that in my area, the shit is DRY and wack from what I can tell. No one really moves good shit, it's usually schwag or reg and maybe, maybe mids, but most of the time it's some garbage, loaded with stems and seeds and shit. So the prices are probably inflated compared to an area that has good shit on the regular, which is why $400 damn near is like okay, bet! lol
  7. how much is a zip in your area?
    have the money but just see if you like the greens man....if you think its good deal do it
  8. Honestly, I'm still filling it out. This is my first time getting some dank shit. I usually would mess around with the low grade brick crap, and after being charged $100 for something that probably was only worth $70 or less (found out in hindsight after doing my homework and after an extremely dissatisfied smoker bitched to me), I decided to stop being cheap and just step my game up.

    But from what I've heard, just in general as well as with the crappy junk available in my area, I'm pretty sure it's a good deal. I remember this dude told me Kush could go anywhere from $300 to $600 an oz around here. I personally think he's lying with the $600 shit, because I busted him in a lie already (I don't fuck with him anymore, by the way), but I know he's not extremely far off.
  9. PURPLE OG KUSH : basically a really good strain but mostly a body high with a bit of sativa high. really good shit regardless, and a great price you're getting. its the kind of high thatll make u go to sleep. plus the high lasts real long

    average price for an OUNCE of that strain is like 400-500$ with HALF OZ for 200-220$
  10. From What I have heard, there is only one true Kush, the Hindu Kush that has been inbred for millenia in the hindu mountains.

    All other Kush strains are some variety on this, but basically any Kush strain is a top-shelf indica, and could definitely go for 400/Oz in many parts of the states.
  11. u are right momocalm

  12. HOLY FAACK, Where the hell do you guys live man? The most expensive an ounce around here would be is 275 MAX and thats for straight headies.
    Man sometimes i really love living in Canada. I always here the states have up the ass prices
  13. To be realistic, I wouldn't pay more than 325 for that. Usual for headies around here (Central FL) is 3-350.

    But, like a lot of people have said, look at it and make the call for yourself. If it looks, smells, smokes like some kind purp then it probably is. Gotta think about why you get the good stuff. Because its pretty, it usually has an amazing aroma, and it gets you lifted something fierce.
  14. Wow logs, you went fishing for an old one didn't ya?
  15. Holy shit you guys pay a lot for your ounces. They go for 185-200 MAX around here. high grade too. 
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