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  1. I'm 2 weeks into flower using a bucket hydro system for the first time. I'm using Cutting Edge 3 part nutes and adding Cal-Mag. They are all under 600W lamps. All of my conditions seem good (have worked for me many times in the past with flood tables) but these OG's are looking weak and I don't know why. Recently the new growth is beginning to turn yellow and the stalks are skinny and not really bulking up. The new-forming flowers look smaller than usual too. I'm not experiend with OG and I know they are somewhat of a challenge to grow well but I can't figure out what's going on with these. Any clues would be very appreciated ASAP. Thanks!
  2. Clones or seed? I just got done with RP's OG kush,,it does have a learning curve. I also hav a clone flowering now. I hav plenty of pics if needed,,u do hav to hav to pinch it bac ic veg or veg along time to more of a yeild. During veg the leaves had a cup to them,,kinda ugly. After i flipped them the leaves worked them selves out and turned out to be the best ive grown so far:smoke:
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm growing from clones.
  4. some plants dont like certain growing methods, i have a jack herer mother, she does great in DWC and bubble buckts, we took clones put some in coco, they did fine and 2 in aeroponics, the ones in aeroponics look like crap...

    whats ur ppm at, how old are they/ how tall, whats ur pH, whats are the pH swing highs and lows? purified water, or tap?
  5. Was'ent much help,,,sory[​IMG]
  6. Why keep them in 16 oz dixie cups, and how where they in veg for?
  7. Thanks for the feedback jenemba. I'll double check all thoze things and see what happens.

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