OG Master Kush set-up w PICS!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Sir Stoned Alot, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. What up GC members and friends.

    I'm ready to put my green thumb to use. I'm usually a more picture savy kinda guy and will delight all of your needs bringing back the Picture-Book style of the elementary school days...BUT FOR NOW.


    RubberMaid Container 1.7x 2.7

    6 26 watt CFLS

    2 circuit breaker Power Strips

    Dandy little fan

    Pea Pots

    Dank Seeds :D

    Miralce Gro Potting Soil (Easier to get than foxfarm..sry ppl who are fans)

    Then I've got a first alert daily timer, pH tester, soil moisture tester n all that and nutes (Also made by miralce gro)

    GERMINATION: Sorry no pics for this.

    Total of 16 seeds was done ziplock style with paper towel and a heating pad (Some people purchase seed heating pads or whatever, I found one laying around the house)
  2. 3 DAYS LATER: 10 outta the 16 sprouted (CHA-CHING) you gotta be ready to succeed and plan on failure.

    DAY ONE: I had an 18/6 cylce just to let em break in..if that makes sense?

    DAY TWO: and I've had the lights on with the cover on for 3 hours...I'm concerned it might be too much heat so I turned my dandy fan on and took the cover off. It's now been an hour under these conditions.

    Not to sure where the fans permanent spot will end up being as of now so I'm not putting any ventilation holes in the Rubbermaid or that type of thing until I'm positive what I want to do about that.
  3. Well I'm about to be off to work but this is my FIRST GROW EVER. so any commentary, tips etc. would be appreciated.

    P.S I'm thinking of possibly using a Digital TENS unit to promote growth

    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Digital-Relief-Carrying-Electrodes-Battery/dp/B001PTDUC0?tag=grasscity-20]Amazon.com: Digital TENS 7000 Pain Relief Unit w/ 5 Modes with Carrying Case, Electrodes and Battery: Sports & Outdoors[/ame]

    (See DUGS forum under advanced growing He's a smart guy haha)

    Any experience with this or other methods of promoting "SUPER GROWTH" is greatly appreciated:smoke:
  4. SSA

    You may want to look at runnin your power strips verticle or just turing the strips on thier side, CFL's give off MUCH more light from the sides compared to the top. Your babies will be VERY happy with the change.

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