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OG Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by JESUSgotNAILED, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Picked this up the other night. My guy's guy grows for dispensaries, so it's always amazingly bomb ganja. Blue Dream, Green Crack, Sour D, all those name brands you know.

    This one is OG Kush, $95/quarter (which I'm happy to pay, after having trouble for many years finding a stable good priced dealer). It smokes great, slightly hard to light up actually. The smell is a powerful pineforest smell. Like, a straight up pine forest. And of course, gets you high as fuck :) The batch is definitely sativa dominant, absolutely 0 tiredness throughout the high.

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  2. Ooh, she's pretty.
  3. Thanks :)

    Any ideas for the best setting to take good pictures of bud in though, anyone? Flash on or flash off / in the sun or in the dark / etc.

  4. Flash off if it's going to be (getting) dark because the camera will just focus on the near object and pretty much cut the background out.

    The best thing to do is take a few of the same shots with different settings as I'll all depend on the camera, lighting, what you're shooting, the effect you're going for etc.

    And do it high. Baked photography is the future!
  5. Not really liking your username but nice bud.
  6. That's what I do. High, different settings, etc. My camera, though a very nice one, seems to like to make things blurry when taking pictures any closer up than the one in the OP.
  7. Just fuck with it, it's crazy fun. Especially when you take a dope shot when you're doped!
  8. I'll keep praticing with the picture-taking then :)
  9. Make sure you upload them! Especially if you're shooting bud like that.
  10. Looks like that one and only OG. (Which is a good thing);)
  11. :) definitely. And thanks guys
  12. lovin' the username. sweet looking bud you have there.:smoke:
  13. Thankssss :) It gives pretty much the best sativa high I've ever felt, and I've smoked a lot of sativa!

  14. If you're not outside make sure the light source is behind you, and up higher than the camera, and zoom in all the way and make sure the camera is EXTREMELY steady while taking the picture.
    Unless your camera has a macro, or close up setting, then use that.

    Also, trim it up a little bit, it'll look a lot better if you're gonna be taking pictures of it.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll remember +repd

    What if I'm outside? Or should I try to stay inside when taking bud pictures?

  16. outside is probably preferred, just play with your settings to adjust for the light, or take the picture when the sun is coming up, or going down. Basically just make sure there's a good amount of light on the side of the nug your taking the picture of, otherwise you wont get a lot of detail in the pic.
  17. That's what I usually do, but was too lazy to this time around I guess. Thanks for the info
  18. Nice batch of og infact i have that same batch... what a coincidence =D
  19. $95/quarter dude my homie plugs me 65/quater of Sour D, Blue Dream, and he can get me blueberry yum yum for 75/quarter. :bongin:
  20. That looks like really good quality erb, I love that distinct almost oily ultra resiny look you get from some kush varieties, especially OG, top buds man :hello:

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