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OG Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bongsin, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. just felt like sharing :smoke: 60 for an eighth 10 hits im gone for 3-4 hours

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  2. Your weed sucks.

    J to the K-ing

    Nice Schedule 1 Controlled Substances.
  3. hope those stems were free
  4. Looks like it could use a better trim job to me. But oh well. Og is Og.
  5. 10 hits and your ripped? thats sad. the jack hererXsuper silver haze i picked up a week ago, 1-2 hits and i would be straight ripped for 3 hours atleast. 10 hits to get ripped, sounds like some week shit to me.

  6. or OP has a tolerance :cool:
    but i agree good pot gets me after one of two hits outta my bong.
  7. Tolerance isn't always it, some people like to get higher than others to be at the normal level they want.

    Looks really dank though I'd love to have some of that right now!
  8. I have a pretty gnarly tolerance, and I'll get high off of one or two nice rips, but it only lasts like an hour or two at the most. Even smoking a blunt only lasts for like 3 hours or so, so I'd be down on smokin a little 10 hit J and being tree high, good bud is good bud
  9. these are spoon hits yo. you know you can only get like one real good hit off them but the amount is like one bong snap worth so it all works out I enjoy the smoking part
  10. Always had love for the OG.
  11. Hahaha, chew em'!
  12. i would hope 10 hits would get your ripped...

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