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  1. Hi,

    i've seen a bunch of seedbanks selling OG Kush, now some mark it as sativa dominant some mark it as indica dominant and if i remember correctly ive seen some full indica marked OG Kush as well. Can anyone give me a guideline on what to think about OG Kush? Which is the original? And what seedbank to get it from? I appreciate all comments. Cheers
  2. Og is a sativa Dom hybrid but with all these new crosses out some lean more to indica.

    I've had very good results in Cali connections og.. These were the closest I came to the clone from seed but in a pack you will have to search for those phenos.
  3. just to clarify: there is no original OG kush seed strain. the original OG kush is available only as clones, nobody knows what happened to the parent plants. seeds you buy by the name of OG kush are at best attempts to recreate the strain, though I guess theres a lot of scam breeders who just label some random seeds as OG kush, since its such a famous strain.

    I dont know which breeder got the closest thing to the original OG kush. personally I would stay away from seeds that are named after famous clone only strains, because I believe the risk to get crap is quite high and youre pretty unlikely to get the kind of plant that the breeder describes.
  4. If U want Indica dom , Go for Herijuana,Purps,Afghan, and A-Kush,/Kush plants and hindu Kush. Og Kush is originally a Kush U are right, and an Indica which originated from the Overgrow site which was brought down by the feds some time ago.
    reasons for the Sativa dom, is purely to increase yields nothing else, hope this explains a few things.

    GreetZ Bodderas.
  5. hey bodders, Im pretty sure that indicas are heavier yielders than sativas...
  6. [quote name='"baumeister"']hey bodders, Im pretty sure that indicas are heavier yielders than sativas...[/quote]

    Not sure about that.. Some sativas yield heavier then most
  7. Where is the og ?:)
  8. I've been extremely impressed by the Reserva Privada beans I've seen grown out. I plan to buy some True OG from them before too long.

    I know it's marketed as a sativa Dom usually, but I've always thought it smoked more 50/50. OG really helps my nausea like an indica strain and has that great Kush taste and dense buds. It just doesn't scream sativa to me.
  9. yeah reserva privada seems to be a great breeder from everything Ive heard
  10. OG Kush is a name.

    "OG Kush and related varieties are not true Kush strains but indica-sativa hybrids descended from the Sativa-dominant Chemdawg strain."

    Actual Kush are landrace strains.

    "Kush refers to a subset of strains of Cannabis Indica or Afghanica. The origins of Kush cannabis are from landrace plants mainly in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western India with the name coming from the Hindu Kush mountain range. "Hindu Kush" strains of cannabis were brought to the United States in the mid-to-late 1970s and continue to be available there to the present day."

  11. yeah thats what I picked up somewhere, too... OG kush being mostly chemdawg-related and not very kushy at all
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    Thee TRUE OG kush is made by DNA Genetics, and you can only find it on a few sites.
  13. Actually, the true OG Kush is clone only. Everything else is s1 or f1/f2/fx hybrids.
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    Why are people so fond of saying this?? There is variation in every batch of seeds. We can see stability in some strains, sure, but there is always variation. Why do people have to point out that the "true strains are clone only... blah blah." Its fucking annoying, and fundamentally nonsense. If its a clone, then its not a strain! Its a pheno, or an individual. If you S1 that thing, there is nothing wrong with calling that the strain of the parent lol... how else you gonna get seeds? plant a pack and find the best pheno (or the closest to the clone only version) and call it whatever the fuck you want and then you will have the "true clone only version"

    shit like blue dream and trainwreck i hear this about too lol.. the cali connection blue dream haze from the tude freebees a few months back was an S1 of the popular clone. There will be variation, sure but a selfy batch of seeds is going to show a strong resemblance to the parent across the board and one in say 10 will probably be too close to distinguish from the original... Thus it is not wrong to call the seeds what they are: the parent strain.

    Also, that being said, the point of the S1 according to cali connection was for breeding stock.. basically the freebees were leftovers. They dont have this strain out anywhere, because it is S1... they will then stabalize this with some backcrossing and eventually put out a stable strain bred to be as close to the clone as possible, using the clone genetics, and people will all say its not legit and blue dream is clone only. LOL its retarded. Its not clone only, its a clone. Find a good pheno and now youve got a clone too.

    Some breeders are just crossing blueberry and nevilles or ssh and calling it blue dream... i guess i can call that kinda shitty in that it doesnt even use the well known parent clone, but my point is just that you cant call a clone variety a strain, because it just isnt, by definition, and that if you find that great pheno and selfy it you can always find a true matching offspring in a seed batch, so im not seeing why this isnt legit, or even how you can call something the "true" OG a decade later... I'm betting almost all of the medi bud making it to dispensaries under the name OG kush has no direct connection to whatever mysterious clone you think originated the gangsta flava. Its all been crossed and back-crossed and re-isolated and re-invigorated and so on. once again lol, you dont "breed" a pheno, you find a pheno, and if you are good, you can breed the qualities that made the pheno great into a strain. It really is not to be discounted as illegitimate. Let the product speak.
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    og kush isnt a strain, and isnt refered to as such. It is a clone, phenotype etc. People are stealing the name and slapping it on a seed. That is fine, but the origjnal OG kush is a cloned plant from the chemdog family of clones. What "strain" it is no one knows as the parental lineage is lost. Even if we did know, the point of a clone is a special selection, often a very rare representatiin of genes from a line of seeds as is the case with OG Kush clone.

    Just arguing over symantics, but it is worth stating as some will beleive they have the real dealy otherwise. Some seeds may be bred to truely represent some or most characteristics of the OGKush clone, but they arnt true growing for all traits (thank god).
  16. Yea, I agree with Norcali, the original OG kush is from the San Fernando Valley and is from the Chemdawg lineage.
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    You saying if you selfy the OG kush clone, that many of the offspring (perhaps most of them) wouldn't exhibit something extremely close to the "rare representation of genes"?... by extremely close, i mean as close as any two seeds in a given stable strain? I believe they would/do. Just because chemdog found a plant that had a great combination of flavor and high etc does not, to me, mean it is the only legit OG kush. Its really not worth arguing about, because most of the cannabis world thinks as you do, and it is, as you said, symantics, but i think its important to understand that the greatness in the breeding that led to these "chemdog clones" was in the generations of selective breeding and crossing that went into creating the breeding stock from which the clones were 'discovered'. Once that work is done however, it is relatively simple to stabalize most any pheno, and just S1ing the clone will get you really close to true seed strain. the only real difference is that breeding the S1's with each other does not hold true, so they cant be called a breeding strain.

    Point stands... If you give me og kush clone and some colloidal silver, i can give you seeds that will all grow something really close to the og kush parent, and odds are out of a good batch of those seeds i can give you a clone that you couldnt distinguish from the parent. If you give a breeder like RP a cut, they can backcross things and test genetics to find lineage... no myths and no guesswork. Then they can adress the S1s with the proper genetics to stabilize the strain. If you get RP (or some others im sure) OG kush and grow it, it will look like, taste like, smell like, and get you high like the OG clone. I promise.

    Im not saying there isnt a guy somewhere who was the first to grow a cross and find a cool pheno and call it OG Kush... there is. And for what it is worth he has the right to claim its the only true OG Kush, but as soon as a clone leaves his grow room and enters the world, it can be re-created. Thank god.
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    That's called an S1, as stated in my original post. It will still portray an array of characteristics shared with the whole 'strain' or collection of genes that make up OG Kush/originating family. The S1 seeds may or may not share some characteristics with OG kush, depending on if the OG Kush valuable traits are recessive or dominant expressions of the genes.

    You should check out some botany books or read up on the basics of breeding.
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    I think you are just drastically overstating the variation found in an S1 seed batch... perhaps its different for really rare or special phenos like you are claiming the OG is... im more apt to believe the OG Kush clone just got named, and other than that its not so special.

    I know from watching the shit play out that selfing one clone on another will yield seeds that do pretty much the exact same thing the parent did. If you breed two of these offspring sisters, like i said, then you get the full variation you are talking about, but the S1 Gen itself is pretty damn stable man. Not sure why you think otherwise if you have done it... last year my buddy did a run of IBG and found one sick yielder that foxtailed for like an extra 10 days after the others finished. We re-vegged and forced a clone to put off male flowers and polinated the re-vegged root stock. Those seeds grew that exact weed again! there were a couple in the batch that showed some variation, but for the most part they grew that pheno true. Extra yeild and extended flower time were the rule rather than the exception. Basics of breeding as you call it will only confirm what i am saying. In an S1 generation the only time you show variation is in the case where the parent shows a dom trait and passes double recessive on... which is only one in 4 for each qualifying trait sought and to qualify we must see dom and recessive in the parent for the trait in question, which is itself a one in 2 occurence. Thus given an identifiable trait in the parent with a single allele correlation and no more information on the previous generation, that trait will have only a one in 8 chance of ending up different in the S1 generation. this level of stability is well beyond what breeders accept when they put out a stable breeding strain! Again, a clone is an exact copy, and a seed will never be, but if we are willing to call ANY strains stable, then we have to include S1 seeds.
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    The biggest factor for determining the variation of S1, or f1s, the presence of recessive traits vs dominant traits. What may be very easy to replicate with another set of genes doesn't hold true for all plants, especially if the plants are unrelated like the case you are presenting.

    Again, I recommend you guys read some stuff about basic breeding, DJ short, Tom Hill, Neville all have shared there thoughts on the topic of breeding, recessive traits, etc. here on the internet, and lord knows they know better than I.

    If it was as easy as you guys say, OG kush wouldn't sell for what it does here in California, nor would it have such the fan following. The clone is where it is at, though there are seeds of hybrids (s1s and f1/f2/fxs) that I mentioned in my first post.

    Peace and Pot.:smoke:

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