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OG kush purp hybrid -pics-

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bizzoo, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Just grabbed some OG kush and purp hybrid.

    Hella clean high, lots of head shit, with a chill body high. i didnt get couch locked with this bud, so thats a +

    Here are a few pictures.

    Sorry, im new to photography, and still tryin to get exposer and that sheet down. :smoke:




    Wadda you guys think?
  2. Thats not OG Kush if it didn't give you a ridiculous body high with couchlock...
  3. lol, well thanks for your imput.

    FYI, every time ive been told ive been givin OG kush, i never really get crazy body highs.

    But anywho, how often is it that your actually getting the strain your hook tells you your getting.......not very often lol.

    Still dank, still decent pictures.
  4. looks good, how much you pay ?
  5. Good looking bud, its kinda hard to see the trichs because of the light reflecting off of the paper but its def dank
  6. yeah, like i said, im new to photography and shit. im starting to take a lot more pictures though, so sooner or later ill get some of those beastly macros everyones pumping out.

    And we paid 25 bucks for 2 grams.
  7. nice buds you got there, always nice to see some local bud. i might post some of my GDP later

  8. very true about never gettin the strain they say ... but that doesnt look like any kind of kush ive seen ... i had weed that looked just like that ... the guy i got it off called it mango but like you said .... you dont always get what they say they are giving you
  9. what up BA408, yeah post some of the GDP pictures, its always good to see whats coming out of my area haha.

    Man, you guys would flip if i posted pictures of my other guys stuff.

    The dude i got this pick up from is who we go to for quantity, usually about 10 bucks a gram.

    But my other dude has the quality for sure, just like 2 weeks ago we got some purp from him that literally had no green on it. Just super dark purple with hella bright orange hairs, trichs everywhere, sooo dank, it was almost a shame to smoke it haha.

    Maybe we will get some from him today, if soo ill take a few shots for you guys
  10. i posted my shit my thread name is like GDP, noname, and ATF or something like that. check it out. photography skills suck balls tho, thats mainly why i dont post
  11. i cant find it, wanna toss me a link??

    honestly, i dont think many people care if the photography sucks. i mean look at mine. its not the best, but you can still tell its danky dank.

    plus, practice makes perfect rite?

    here it is. yeah i guess practice makes perfect but i just dont really know what to do to make it better
  13. bizzo smokin goood

    thats wsup im with ya man

    only gotta film camera though... i never post pickups :(
  14. @ BA408, those pics dont look half bad bro. looks a tad bit out of focus, but thats about it. Lighting is good too.

    @ Perez, whats crackin bro?! im seein you less and less around the city.
  15. ha i know man where you been?

    ive been a little more busy lately but im still putting in like 10-20 post per day



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