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Og kush price

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by blazinb04, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Im trying to buy some og kush and my dealer says it will be 50 dollars for 2 grams, is that too expensive? how much do you usually pay when you buy og kush?
  2. Yea that sounds right for my area, if your in an urban area, big city, then it is to expensive, in rural parts of the country thats around the right price. Where you from?
  3. around here i live in suburbs so weed is getting harder to find and dank especially kush will be 25 up to 30
  4. I live near Toronto CA. That is way to expensive for me. No one here will pay more than $10/gram.
  5. Yeah as I said, more urban areas are much cheaper, ESPECIALLY in canada, it's much cheaper there usually.

  6. I know I count my blessings.
  7. I live in charlotte nc.
  8. Yea here schwag is cheap since were close to mexico but all the good shit is cali imports so it's expensive.
  9. here in cali, thats like the price for an 8th of dank. 15 per gram is a pretty good deal here and its some good stuff
  10. I haven't been able to find weed in over three weeks. I'm also in charlotte.
  11. too bad ur not in ohio :)
  12. I'm having a tough time in Charlotte. This is the only "city" i've every lived in where locating grass is a month long process.

    still searching lol
  13. Damn i was recently in miami and i picked up a little over an 8th of og kush from a grower for 35.
  14. I moved here from Miami LOL. 407 - :)
  15. in my area its $20 a g for the best shit you can get lol and all other dank.

    its $10 a g for regs

    and mids is in between lol $15 a g
  16. ha dude fuck that. U should get at least 3 grams for 50$. Maybe an eighth for 60$. Ur dealers an idiot if he thinks he can mess with u like that
  17. $20 1g of dank
    $5 1g of mids

    Cincinnati Ohio 513
  18. Yeah, i hit my friend up and he got me 4 g's of some dank shit for $60.
  19. Im in CO, and i pay about 18$ a gram for OG, isnt to bad.
    I buy it in the half ounces so i pay about 250$ each purchase. But thats only cuz i only buy once every one or two months.
  20. Seriously?

    A two-month old thread?

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