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OG Kush OZ pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BA, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Shit is so frosty, 180 an oz. Can't go wrong :smoke: Hopefully this holds me over till my girls are finished

    It's got the classic OG smell...if you've had it you know what I mean :eek: The pics don't do it justice

    Attached Files:

  2. damn dude, looks like some real nice og, love that classic og smell man i know exactly what your sayin like a lemon pine... WA is sick enjoy
  3. yeh buddy, lemon pine is exactly how I'd describe it haha

    :bongin: real tasty stuff too...good hybrid high.
  4. I'll be expecting some baby nugs when your girls are finished :). Dope bud man, smoke it up.
  5. I noticed the yellow light in the pics, Looks like some good HPS light. Some good bud u got there, cant wait to see your harvest.
  6. Fire buds
  7. fllllaammmmeeeee.

  8. Yo you pacific northwest dudes can smd $180 an oz niggha I pay that for a half oz fuck texas
  9. Damn you lucky mofo. Looks great for 180/zip. Stay up brother.
  10. Thanks for all the good vibes guys :smoke:

    Yup you are correct...keep your eyes peeled, I harvest in about 2 months ;)
  11. Nice bro.. You can't go wrong with some good OG

    I love that taste.

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