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OG kush- DANK quality picss

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by guitardude105, May 27, 2009.

  1. just picked up a dub of this stuff its amazing very frosty, smells kind of fruity very mhm heavy smell good smoke nice and smooth i only smoked a little and i also got a nice dutch too its strawberry it smells sweet as hell im gonna buy a quarter of exotics tomorow and then just roll a fat L for friday haha here are the pics



  2. OG Kush is my favorite good pick up bro. And is it just me or is that blunt fucking huge?
  3. thank youuu, and its a great smoke so far this is one of my favorite pickups.
    and yah its not all that big just a normal cigar but since the pic is so big it looks pretty big.

    well i guess it is big eh just more room for weed =P
  4. Haha yeah I figured, but that'd be tight to have a blunt that big. OG gets me so high, and tastes so good. I wish we had the shit around here more. Highest THC content next to Euphoria Unlimited, assuming it exists, which is unlikely.
  5. Nice pickup man. Very frosty for sure. Enjoy that blunt man.
  6. thats some frosty ass nugs, have fun smoking that shit :smoking:
  7. nice pickup how much does exotics run you guys in new york?
  8. i get for 120 a quarter o(exodics), i love stawberry dutchmasters they are my favorite, i rolled an l of kush in a trawverry dutch last weekend, tasted amazing
  9. Those are some frosty ass nugs.
  10. oh man this shit was so great i loved it all.

    and a 1/4 of exo's is like 95 from my friends and stuff but im getting 3 dubs of it tomorow for like 50

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