OG Kush CBD - 1st organic & 1st clone

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  1. I've only grown autos to maturity. I began to clone years ago and had to abort before they could root due to domestic problems. This is my 1st attempt without being interrupted. 1st time cloning is intimidating, but I'm very pleased with the success. On the left is OG Kush CBD and on the right is Original Amnesia. Roots on day 9. I put 6 in soil, one died, and one was left in the cloner bucket to continue rooting. Original Amnesia is only on day 3.

    20170811_113932.jpg 20170811_113944.jpg 20170811_115420.jpg
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  2. Number 7 now has good roots and is in soil. The other 6 still look healthy. My first cloning attempt has proven successful.

    This is also my first medicinal grow. I never planned this. It was a freeby. But, now I'm getting very interested in CBD and if I can possibly help anyone by producing it.

    On another note: I'm placing my clones in the same tent with vegging mothers and a flowering auto. It's all under the same light. The lights are on a 6/2 schedule.

    I suspect because they are on the floor, farther away from the light, that it is fine. But, they seem to be tolerating the environment well.

    Number 7.jpg

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