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OG Kush bho to wax

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by wicked420, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    This To This



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  2. looks like it buddered on ya man.

    I'm sure its still bomb, but is more annoying to dab because it doesn't really stick, it crumbles.

    Looks good though! enjoy!
  3. I made it into budder it didn't do it itself. I did it because it is much easier to handle. It is still moist enough to easily mold together.
  4. Yea I was gonna say that wax looks like its easier to work with, with oils its hard to always get all of it, with wax, you can get every last bit pretty easily. My experience with concentrates is very limited though.
  5. Making the mouth water.
    That dish looks like a Marlboro ashtray i have
  6. I've heard several people start saying budder isn't that great...because it's unstable? What exactly is unstable about it? Or even..what does that mean?

  7. I had this problem for the first time the other day but I just mixed it with some other moister wax and voila problem solved.

    To the OP very very nice lookin stuff!
  8. Yea I dunno I guess some people don't understand how certain concentrates are made. To make the oil in the first picture turn into the wax on the other pictures you just have to keep whipping it on low heat and eventually you will get wax if it is good enough quality oil. Some lower quality oils will not wax up for some reason.

  9. Yea but sometimes when you do that it'll turn into a "cakey" consistency if there's a very high THC content in the bud. The "cakey" kind of wax is a pain in the ass to deal with b/c you can't keep it on the end of a dabber, it'll just crumble and fall off. It's rare for wax to do this though and it's not a very hard problem to fix either, I'm with you I still prefer wax to oil
  10. No one wants to help a blade out? Cool cool.
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    well I'm vapin some unstable budder now and its definitely the bomb...and half the people on here prolly couldnt tell you and are waiting for an answer themselves...
    unstable means just that, unstable.
    its potency/taste would degrade quicker, especially if improperly stored.
    edit; to smoke the crumbly cakey stuff invest in a healthstone vapor slide or sherlock...you dump some budder in the bowl and torch it...way better than domes and ti pads..check it out...[ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAWM2nUIAvs[/ame]
  12. Is this the only reason people make budder? This always confused me

  13. daank
  14. Yea I use a oil dome but the only thing I don't like about the health stone is that you have to use butane to smoke it vs vaping it.
  15. Well not the only reason. You are getting most of the butane out also from continuously stirring it with heat. It also depends on how long you do it for. Like blood junkees is really cakey looking but mine I can still easily mold together because it still has enough moisture. Every batch is different depending on the quality of the weed and on how you make it.
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    exactly, i have three different batches of oil right now, one batch is just like yours,..the cakey stuff is long gone

    yeah i actually felt the same way until i tried it, but as much as people want to say I'm "smoking" the oil I'm not, its all vapor.
  17. Curious how most of choose to smoke you wax/bho?
  18. Most of the butane actually comes out when the tane evaporates off haha. Then if you do it properly you should either be heat purging or vac purging to get the left over tane out. Whipping it into wax just adds a little air to the mixture.

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