Og Kush AutoFlower Micro Grow

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    Hey everyone! Excited to be doing my first micro grow. I will try to include all details below.

    seeds - ilgm og kush autoflower
    Container - solo cup to start - 3 gallon to finish
    Tent- 16x16x48
    Light - vipraspectra 125w led
    Ventilation - ac infinity 4” inline & 6” oscillating
    Soil - happy frog mixed w/ 20% perlite (to start, final pot will be strawberry fields and perlite on bottom half, 50/50 of and hf on top w/ perlite)
    Water - ph’d tap water
    Nutes - fish shit, recharge, light silica to start - will switch to humboldt secrets line w/ first feeding
    Temp - 75 daytime, 69 nightime
    Humidity - 60%

    Plant is currently 16 days old. I believe I overwatered a bit to start but she seems ok. I plan to transplant out of the cup soon. Wish I had started in its final pot, but still learning.

    At the moment the lower leaves are starting to turn a bit yellow as seen in the pics. I am assuming it wants some food so I plan to transplant in the next day or two. I will be using fox farm ocean forest and strawberry fields in its final pot so I’m not in a rush to feed right away. I’m hoping the transplant will do the trick. Any tips or advice would be great!

    Pumped to see where this goes! Any sort of yield will be a victory for me in this first experimental grow. Anyone with advice, tips, or kind words welcome!!!

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  2. lower leaves will fade off and die naturally as the plant grows.

    Autos can be super sensitive to hot soils, so the stunted growth may be a combination of overwater and a hot soil.
  3. the plant is the opposite of hungry if you started in happy frog you should not need any food that clawing and yellowing is a classic sign of over feed over water
  4. ok i read the post again the soil must be hot then do a ppm on the runoff
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    Thanks for the advice everyone!

    Some grow friends advised an instant transplant. They said she was unhappy in the tiny cup. They even said she was insanely dry. I think I went to hard the other way after initially over watering.

    I put her in a 3 gallon pot and watered with 3/4 gallon of ph adjusted water and fish shit. I also covered the root ball and new hole with mykos.

    She looked a little down for an hour or two but perked up almost right away. Looking a lot better now! I think the transplant really helped and was necessary!

    lmk what other tips or advice you all have!

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  6. FYI plant is way too small for that much water.
  7. thanks for the feedback. I used that much because one of the YouTubers I follow uses this much water with his plants of similar size and goes by pot size not plant size. He seems to have great success, and the plant looks much happier today after the watering. So I guess time will tell.

    Here’s a link to the video I mentioned if you care to check it out :
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    Day 21

    Plant looks much better after transplant. At this point I’m just keeping an eye on her day to day.

    Any tips or advice would be awesome!

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  9. Day 25

    Plant has been looking good. Growth has really taken off after transplant. Almost a new node developing each day.

    Decided to LST today to maximize space and yield. This is my first time using LST so I’m excited to see the results.

    As always tips and comments appreciated!

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  10. I find that velcro strips (free with a head of romaine lettuce at grocery store) plus a twist tie, makes LST training much easier then your current method, imo
  11. Idk if it can get much easier than the 4 seconds it took me to bend that wire. But I’ll definitely check it out next time I buy some lettuce.
  12. fair enough. when you're at the point of tying down 6-8 branches and they are growing an inch a day, you may find a benefit :)

    I'll be curious to hear your opinion of it if you get to that point...
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    Week 5

    The plant has made huge progress since starting LST. Just keeping an eye on her and trying to get the canopy as even as possible.

    Plant is showing pre flowers. She’s a bit stunted from a lot of mistakes early on, but she’s been growing each day!

    Watered a few days ago using fish shit, recharge, silica, and cal mag. Holding off on full nutes until the following watering.

    Let me know what you all think! All comments, tips, and sarcastic passive aggressive remarks are greatly appreciated .

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  14. Plant has been looking really good!

    Plan to water in the next few days with full nutrients. Debating whether I should give her a round of veg nutrients before switching to flower. Any tips would be appreciated.

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