OG Kush & AK47 from seed, day 25, some doing good, some not so much...

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  1. I got 6 OG kush (Reserva Privada) and 6 Ak47 (Serious Seeds) going. This is my 3rd grow. Started them from seed 25 days ago. The AKs are looking okay but some issues with the kush. I know the humidity in the room has been too low, i havent been able to find a replacement humidifier filter since its the off season at home depots and lowes, they arent in stock. im flowering 24/7 under two 600w MH, temps range from 74-80 and humidity is about 40. They are in 3gal buckets, fox farm oceans forest soil. Im using all fox farms nutes too...waited till they were 21 days old before nuting for the first time...and only went half strength. I know oceans forest soil is kinda hot. I see some leaves curling up... too low humidity? the soil isnt drying out, its watered good.... and some spots brown spots on leaves? ph problem? or deficiency? One of the kush plants looks to be growing weird, like its mutated or something... never seen it split in that weird way, i hope you can see from the pics. any suggestions? feedback, much appreciated.

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  2. I think they look good. Good sized node regions and they aren't stretched or anything. I wouldn't worry too much about those spots or the curling. I'm sure your an experienced grower so your constantly misting the undersides of the leaves like a hairstylist. I would check out getting a ph meter that could be your problem. Other than that I would say keep up the good work.

    I use
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    for testing the ph. I have the 3 way meter so its also a light meter and a moisture checker for your soil. Its fairly inexpensive too.
  3. yep ive been misting quite regularly, both the plants and air just to increase humidity. I have a rapitest 3 in 1 PH tester, kinda like the one you described. I dont think those style of ph testers work well. everyone seems to suggest the hanna digital ones...kinda expensive tho.
  4. I've actually read not to mist them... when they're seedlings you want it high, but during these stages a relatively low humidity, 30-40, as it tells the plant to secrete resin on to its leaves to protect it from harsher times, also if its too humid you could get mold. my humidity on my grow is at 35 ish

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