OG Kush (Abusive cut) clones?

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  1. Hi,

    I was at a local collective here in San Diego about two weeks ago when the guys working there traded me two clones for some of my edibles. They were damaged pretty badly, but I took it upon myself to bring them back. There is some new growth, but they don't look like my other OG Kush clone.

    Here is a pic. Can anyone confirm or deny yet?


  2. I would say that is definitely not og kush. I wouldnt even consider keeping that plant. But if you are, transplant into something good with a good flushing of ph'd water. Ph seems wayyyyyy off.
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    Thanks for your input, man. I agree with you that it definitely doesn't look like OG Kush. Does anyone have a good pic of an abusive cut OG Kush plant?

    The two clones were trashed when the Sports Arena Farmacy traded them to me. They had about 6 damaged ones and almost gave them all to me for a few edibles, but decided on giving me 2. I immediately planted them into some super grow medium/soil and they have been turning around.

    They look a lot more like my Blue Dream Haze clone than my OG Kush clone. These leaves, although some are jacked up, appear more skinny, pointy and lengthy (sativa traits) than fat or rounded leaves (indica traits).

    I was going to simply grow these two jacked up clones until they were big enough to clone, but I don't know now. I only grow top strains and this one looks like it could be a dud.

  4. i got a few abusive kush girls real sativa lookin untill hits flower then acks on buds like an indica finishes with a real sweet almost pine apple taste around 50-65 days she is a true elite imo no taste like her smoke is so sweet like how haze is but turned up to the maxx;)

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