Og indoor/outdoor smoking expirement

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  1. Greetings people,
    After tirelessly smoking an ounce of brick mids that costed $120, I decided to get something a bit more stronger.

    I decided to get an ounce of dank for $280.
    So my dealer gets me a half ounce of Og indoor, and a half ounce of Og outdoor.

    So I found that whichever bud I choose to smoke, it subconsciously influences what kind of activities I choose to do.

    After smoking Og outdoor I found that I would often play soccer with my dog outside, go for a bike ride, buy groceries, go see some friends, all of which being mostly outdoor type of activities.

    After smoking Og indoor I found that I would be cleaning up the house, washing dishes, cooking some great meals, playing video games, and taking showers.

    After smoking mid grade I found that I would do a variety of both indoor and outdoor activites but only achieving a mellow desire from the mid grade weed.
  2. The Og buds

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  3. Og indoor

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  4. Og outdoor

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  5. "og outdoor?" you know your dealer is just making up names right?

    Like this one guy who tried to sell me "og mid" for $65 a half when the normal price was $50
  6. No man, it means that the indoor Og was grown indoors, while the outdoor Og was grown outdoors.
    Indoor grown is usually stronger
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    Ok, please explain to me how growing indoors magically makes the weed more potent? Oh wait, it doesn't, because outdoor can be just as good as indoor, the only difference is outdoor is more riskier in terms of animals eating the bud diseased plants.

    In fact, properly grown outdoor plants grow way bigger because you can't beat the amount of sunlight they soak up, unless you have a massive star inside your basement.
  8. Sorry, but if you weren't wearing a lab coat you're full of shit.
  9. Excuse me,
    But i'm a professional soccer player and I know what buds are more potent.
    I could tell by the way I practice when i'm high.
    So you sir,
    can go feck off.
  10. Buddy, you're making yourself look bad.. aha sorry, but everyone knows that indoor is more potent than outdoor..
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    Growing weed indoors does not make it more potent. Please explain the process of which growing weed indoors enables the female plant to produce more THC
  12. Okay man.. Its kind of a fact, but okay.
  13. Feck off

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    It's been proven... now is weed that is grown indoors usually more potent? Yes. But that has nothing to do with it being grown indoors. It's because hydroponic cultivators are simply be more likely to use more potent strains and grow plants to their full potential.

    But that has nothing to do with it being indoor. If those some people grew the same strains outdoors they would get the same potency buds, just a higher yield.
  15. Lol, you just said "Growing weed indoors does not make it more potent"? And now youre saying that weed thats grown indoors is more potent? The potency of the weed being grown indoors is actually A HUGE IMPACT because you can control temp and such.
    your weed looks like low grade mids to me. hoping this is a troll, otherwise
    you got ripped.
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    No. I just said indoor grown weed is more likely to be more potent. But that's got nothing to do with the fact that it's grown indoors. It's because indoor growers tend to give a shit about their plants where outdoors grows are usually gorilla grows with hundreds-thousands of plants in the forest that can't be tended to every hour of the day
  18. So now youre saying that indoor weed gets its potency from caring growers? Thats ridiculous, aha at first you thought he was talking about a strain, so im pretty sure you dont know jack shit about growing. Nuff said
  19. How is it that old members cannot see this trend?

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