og in ma system

Discussion in 'General' started by Relieved, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. just smoked some og is it just me or og always hit. Only smoked a half a bowl how come og always gets me high? does it get you guys high too if you only smoke a half a bowl?:smoke:

  2. might have some THC in it
  3. Na but i mean like my other friends in shit say they dont get high but they haven't smoked as long as me.
  4. Cause og is fucking awsome :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: Smoked some just last week had me through the roof lol.
  5. yeah im conservin only have the other bowl now bout ta smoke later on tonite.:smoke:
  6. i have some right now too. medical og..i kid you not it's the best weed i've ever bought. i smoked a fat bowl this morning topped with hash, wow...
  7. Dude Sunn you ever smoke mtf (atf) man its a 1 hitta.
  8. [quote name='"Relieved"']
    Dude Sunn you ever smoke mtf (atf) man its a 1 hitta.[/quote]

    I don't understand where you guys have dealers that tell you names of the bud. I sure as hell don't or you guys getting it from dispensaries?
  9. im not really sure what this means... is atf alaskan thunderfuck? if so, then yeah i did get to smoke it once when my friend had it, it was some of the best stuff ive smoked haha
  10. yeah but they changed the name to matanooska thunder fuck:smoke:.
  11. my dealer grows and picks up from dispensary.
  12. I can get high off a hit of mids. Half a bowl of any good should be plenty for a bit.
  13. lol whatttt...that's lame..it'll always be alaskan to me.
  14. HAHA yeah idk why they changed it. but i like the way matanooska sounds lol.

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