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OG, Bubba Kush, Purple Kush, etc. + Hash and Wax Reviews/Pic -Nova Scotia, Canada-

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by momoiverson, May 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys :wave:! Haven't made a post in a while, but damn I have been staying high. Here are some pictures of my current stash and some other bonus goodies. Gonna try some reviews, but I am super high so take this into account haha. Enjoy!! :smoke:

    1. Bubba Kush- Shown in pictures 1 and 2. This is probably the nicest example of this strain that I have been able to try. It was extremely frosty, with purple tinges throughout the bud, most evidently found when broken apart. It has the classic kush wreak with coffee and berry undertones. The flavor was very good when smoked and vaped, and extremely smooth. This stuff comes with an extremely narcotic stone, and unlike most kush strains, doesn't really hit me hard in the head as far as head sweats and such go. The pain relief and relaxation provided by this strain are top notch!

    2. OG Kush- Shown in pictures 3 and 4. A great strain that I have had the luck to try quite a few times. This batch was just as good as the last few that I got (they were awesome). This batch was unique in that in has a few tiny purple spots throughout. It has the classic strong pungent piney, kush OG smell with hints of lemon. This another extremely smooth smoking kush; the flavor is probably one of the best things, as I am sure anyone who has smoked OG knows. The high hits you immediately in the forehead and melts into your body. Any kush lover looking for a fairly balanced high out of a kush will love OG. It is perfect for headaches and nausea throughout the day, without getting you couch locked; be warned though.. the high alone could be pretty intense for a casual smoker as OG has a tendency for high THC levels.

    3. Organic Purple Kush- Shown in picture 5. This is a great batch of OPK. Really great kushy, skunk grapey/purple smell that comes through in the flavor perfectly. Love organically grown herb, and this stuff is a great example why. The high hits hard behind the eyes and turns into a very heavy body stone quickly thereafter. Purple Kush was one of the first high end strains I smoked, but that is not the only reason I keep grabbing it; it literally never disappoints. As far as great tasting and hard hitting strains go, Purple Kush will never disappoint me :smoke:

    4. Hashplant- Shown in picture 6. This is the 3rd or 4th time I have had straight Hashplant; I am under the impression this is Hashplant x NL #1 as per Sensi Seeds. Anyways, this is some extremely couch lock stuff.. like way more couch lock than lets say even a good kush. After 2 or 3 big hits of this, I am glued to my chair, and I literally passed out with my TV remote in my hand after smoking a bit of this before bed haha. It has a very earthy sort of smell that isn't really the greatest, but the flavor is better than the smell, and the high is devastating so it all works out :hello:. Love having a strain like this around for night time!

    5. Haze- Shown in picture 7. This is a great all sativa strain. The smell is really sweet in the jar, and when you break up the buds, you get hit with a super pungent berry/sour smell. This is some funky smelling haze and I love it. The buzz hits you in the head quickly and literally wakes you up; a very "soaring" high that leaves you with no burnout at all. Perfect wake and bake weed. The only downside is that the smoke is pretty expansive so I almost always find myself coughing ahaha. Still some clean burning and great tasting, exotic herb.

    6. Sheherazade- Shown in picture 8. This is an Afghani Kush cross with a sativa. Paradise seeds describes it as 25% sativa, but the sativa comes through strong. The description is good, because it is true. For a technically kush dominant strain, the high was very heady. The smell is very earthy with some peppery hints. I found vaporizing this strain gave the best flavor for some reason. Definitely one of the more unique strains I have had the chance to try. Would definitely purchase this again! The bag appeal on this stuff is nuts as well :D

    7. Bubba Kush Bubble Hash- Shown in picture 9. Have tried this hash a few times and love it. This time around, it smells super minty/kushy. The mint smell is crazy, and is one that I have never seen in hash, but I love it. The flavor comes through good and the mint leaves a good aftertaste; the bubblehash never disappoints, and you know it is a good thing when it smells like the strain it is made from :hello:! As far as the high goes, it is a super strong body buzz. Definitely a hash that I keep for the night time, as it plan out gets you too ripped to do things throughout the day.. besides munch and laze around haha.

    8. BHO Wax- Shown in picture 10. Me and a few buddies made this out off 7.2 grams of weed, mixed with Pink Kush, White Russian, and Haze. We ended up getting back 1.7 g which was pretty solid, and chose to leave it in a more waxy form for big dabs. Did it basically because one of my friends was just visiting for a bit. Had the most epic dab session ever and literally smoked this in one sitting between 3 head; we had a 4th but he gave up on round 4 of dabs. We were doing 0.1 snake dabs and stuff haha. I lost count ever 10 dabs, but god I have never been so baked. Pretty much smoked 0.5 grams of BHO hahaha. The next day I had the first concentrate hangover of my life. Wouldn't recommend these sorts of sessions on the regular ;). The wax was super smooth and had a great flavor, with the Pink Kush coming through strongest for sure.

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  2. Bed timee; stay high everyone and maybe talk to ya in the morning :smoke:
  3. Dang that bho looks bomb

    so do the buds
  4. #5 momoiverson, May 12, 2012
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    Thanks!! Ya man, the BHO is definitely some of the best I have been able to try. Had a straight up taffy consistency and was super yellow/golden :smoke:
  5. Not really a waste of hash but you shouldnt have smoke it all!
  6. Ya man.. definitely would never consume that much BHO on the regular. A buddy from out of province was just in town for the week, so between the 3 of us, it was like 2.5 grams of bud to pitch each which I was ok with smoking through in one sitting on this special occasion :smoke:
  7. Yo dude I fucking love this thread! Soo many nice buds dude and you did a great job on the descriptions. Ive heard so much about wax from my friends in cali but ive yet to try it here in VA, you just inspired me to look into how to making that stuff!
  8. Thanks man.. happy I was able to help inspire ya ;). BHO wax definitely lives up to the hype, as you can't smoke concentrates that get much more pure than it! It is always pretty funny to watch first time users reactions; I have even seen daily smokers get beyond faded their first go.
  9. Nice buds man. Thats some tasty looking bubba kush! And I wish there was a good connection for BHO wax here in Montreal, Quebec. Still have never tried any
  10. mmmmm....That OG and organic Purp looks delicious!
  11. bomb looking shit for sure..I actually too had my first concentrate hangover on 4/21
  12. Thanks a lot everyone!! Ya, as far as finding someone that sells BHO in Canada goes, good luck lol. I know a few good MOM services that I can PM you that sell it, but other than that, making it yourself is really the only other option. About to make a new order here today I believe, which will more than likely include more Bubba, some Jack Herer, and considering trying some Hempstar as I have heard good things. Have a dabbing rig on the way to me with a nice dome and nail set up, so also gonna grab some Amber Oil and other concentrates for dabbing with my order :smoke:. Should be posting new pictures early next week :cool:

  13. Thanks for the offer man but im a bit low on the cash right now, dont think i can afford bho right now especially from a service :( ah well, maybe in the future ill try to make some. Thankfully i have a dude who sells me some good hash for 10$/g so thatll tide me over.

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