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offline watering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BugS, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Hello all.
    I dont know if this thread belongs here, but anyway, it is my first post, so i believe you wont mind.

    I have a beautiful green girl that is about 3 months old. It is grown with no extra light, fertilizers or anything. I just put it on the window, which is lighted by the sun for about 3-4 hour per day. And i got unexpected results, the thing grows like mad: I believe it will give me buds in a month or so.

    Here is my problem:
    Tomorow I am leaving for a vacation for about 3 weeks. This all happened sudenly, so i didnt have time to prepare and find a way to water the plant.
    Now i thinking 300 per hour trying to find a way to water the thing while i am away. I was reading some posts, and realised that it is not posible to water it with any gravity-drop-bottle-whatever-system since it will last no more than a day or two.

    Now i came to an idea, but since im zero-expirienced i dont know if it can work. I have attached a bad drawing of the idea, so please see it and tell me if it can work, or it will overwater the plant and drown it?

    If this is not possible to do, please tell me if there is another way. My only backup solution for now is to break the first rule ("dont tell anyone") and let someone else water the plant while im not home.

    Please reply fast... i'm leaving tomorow.

    Thank you.

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  2. I'm afraid it is likely to overwater and drown it. Soil grown pot really doesn't like wet feet.

    You can pick up drip feeders that should attach to an indoor tap rather than a reservoir with some adjustments for a reasonable price.

    Check out your local garden centre.

    I picked one up a few years ago for £20 wihich had drip feeders, rubber pipe and the control centre to set amount per hour/day and the appropriate timers.
  3. Plant it outside and the rain sould take care of her. And/or you can ask a friend to water it once a week. I wouldnt have your friend mix any ferts, just water.
  4. hey man the first idea works because I did the same thing with my out door plant when I get on vacation for 2 weeks. She stayed nice and wet but not too wet and it is still like that to this verry moment so my advice is go for it but keep the plant and the water indoors because the water is more sesciptable (likely) to attracting bugs and birds. keep us posted on how it is doing when you get back.

  5. i just though of an idea do an ebb and flow type setup, watering from the bottom once every day for as short of a time as the timer allows (have the 2 pins next to eachother). Hook up a small waterpump to a timer and have a big res with weak ferts in it. Set the the water level about 1" above the pots bottom,drainging into another res.
  6. ok this is wot id do.
    get something to stand ur plant in, if ur away 4 a long time then make it big, baby bath, kids pladdling pool etc. get a large contaner, gotta b big if ur away 4 a long time thats y u need a big bath cus ur gonna stand this and the plant(s) in it.
    stand ur plant on a coupple of house bricks or sumthing in the bath, deside how high u wud like the water to be to keep the plant wet but not drown it. make a hole at that hight in ur water contaner.
    fill contaner with water, put ur air tight lid back on. stand the contaner next to the plant in the bath, water will come out the hole till it reaches the hole then stop. as the water leavel drops more water will come out till it gets to the hight of the hole then stop again till u run outta water. u can use more than 1 contaner if u dont have just 1 thats big enough. try it with a plastic fizzy pop bottle in ur sink to get the idea of wot i mean 1st if u want.

    u cud leave plants mths at a time like this if watering was the only thing u had to worry about.

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  7. oh and if u have a small air pump like u get for fish tanks kicking about put a air stone unuer the pot so it bubbles up onto the roots, plants love that kinda thing.
  8. i just rembered a simple idea, You can use a wick setup ive seen it done many times for outdoor grows when people go on vacation. Drill 6 holes in a 5 gallon bucket around the outer rim of the bottom. Take some string that wicks good and cut them to 3' sections. String the wicks throught one side of the bucket and out the other so the wicks are going across the bottom inside the bucket. Then have the ends of the wicks run through bigger holes cut in another 5 gallon bucket's lid. Transplant your plant into the wicked 5 gallon bucket with some good soil and place this bucket over the water resevoir 5 gallon bucket filled with water. Capilary action will do all the pumping.

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