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Officially returned to the city

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. Hope noone missed me? haha, yea right. Its been awhile since I've been able to post here. Mostly because in the past week, i've been moving to my new place and didn't have much time to go to the city. Of course I've still smoked, but then to my disapointment, I forgot my new place doesn't have dsl yet. To even more of a disapointment, I didn't have any phone cords for my computer to reach the outlet two rooms away. Well I finally got it all hooked up, and have a computer in my room now so Im gonna be here a lot more, especially at night. WTF am I doing, i havn't smoked since this morning. BRB, gotta smoke!!!!!!!!!!
  2. hell yeah welcome back xplicit!
  3. yeah welcome back man.. fuck i cant wait till i move out.


    "I'm so high right now.. I have no idea what's goin' on"
  4. im high and during my hunt for some coka cola in the basement, i stumbled upon my cousins secret stash of hard liquor. Im f'n drunk as hell and high. And i was about to pop pills.
  5. damn now i wanna get drunk too!!

  6. take 4 or 6 coricidin if you really want to.. itll be really fun with the vodka and bud, and you wont puke or anything.. youll probly just get really happy and have a bit of a trip
  7. i throw up real easily thats why i dont drink daily...i just like that shiit on the weekends...but the weed i can smoke all day everyday which is what I do and whcih is what i keep plannin to do ya know what im sayin?? Well anyways damn you lucky you moved out on your own, i still got a couple of years.......
  8. im [oiss piss d u rdrudr drunk right now, oh shit shon damn im fuck up
  9. haha yeah man, you sure are

  10. thank god for relatives' secret stashes. what would the world do without 'em?

    glad to see you're settling in to your new place nicely xplicit! ;)

  11. alright, my buzz is drtyin, i jus fell on my floor, then my fan fell and woke me up
  12. holy shit, i musta forgot to post that message last night. i jus woke up and pressed enter and sent the previous message. damn, sucks though. i have to see a doctor soon, i've been having a migraine everyday, at random times. guess when the migraine came this time. uh huh, right when i was passed out drunk, and i didn't know what to do when it woke me up. i suffered for a full hour, took some advil and threw up. took more advil and stomched it so i wouldn't puke anymore, and eventually passed out.
  13. if anyone else were to read this, i just relized that i've been posting a hella lot more then before

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