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  1. Officially retired as of 60 days ago. with SS and my 401 K
    I am trying to figure out what I want to do and considering most of the new threads on here seem boring Ner then fuck, here I is.

    I don't know all the rules YET but I guess if I work then they take money away from my ss check, which sucks.
    I no longer work at the Cannabis farms.
    Almost everything I own is paid in full my house car, pickup 5th wheel and boat . My car is old and i guess I will need to replace it .
    Having the roof replaced and my home remodeled next spring.
    Zero credit card dept
    Nothing fancy nothing new.

    As of about 12 years ago I am a 100% disabled veteran service connected with full benefits for my legs and lungs, before i was rated @ 100%
    I worked in mining most my life, with a nice 401K saved up, plus SS. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

    I still have my legs barely, I still can walk without any kind of aid but don't know how long my legs or health will hold out.
    Now I have the chance to do some of the things I always wanted to do and some stuff I haven't thought of yet.
    I have traveled to many countries and with my medical issues makes international travel risky .
    I don't care to visit any big cities ....
    If I do travel then I will have two shut all my grows at my home.
    I all ready put in a security system in my home.
    One of my first realistic thoughts is Deep sea fishing off the northern California coast or Oregon coast.
    Soon it will be snowing and pulling my 32 foot 5th wheel with triple slides snowy or icy roads is something I don't want to do.
    I am kind of thinking of buying some off grid property in northern Nevada , Idaho, Wyoming or Montana .
    Just to have nice peaceful place to park the 5 th wheel and camp during the months its not freezing .
    I would like to go a blues concert too., Pink Floyd would be killer too.
    If its outdoors camping or fishing or concert and you have a cool suggestion on something fun in the western states it would be nice to entertain new Ideas

    I guess rambling's of a old man now. Considering when I was born there where only 48 states. LOL
    My palace on wheels
    20200613_135906 (1).jpg

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  2. You've worked hard and done well for yourself! Congratulations.
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  3. Eastern Sierra in California. Basically Highway 395 from Olancha North to the Oregon border. The town of Lone Pine and Movie road is worth the side trip. Hike Mt Whitney or at least drive up to the Portal. Dry camping at both Portagee Joes and Tuttle Creek with big sites. There is Camping at Whitney Portal (Lone Pine) but only a couple of sites big enough to take a 5th wheel and a hell of a grade getting up there.

    Death Valley all of it. Any of the trackless wasteland east of the Valley. Headed to Beatty Nv. or Pahrump Nv.

    Route 66. :)

    Route 6. Grand Army of the Republic Highway.
    Runs from Bishop Ca. to Provincetown Ma. 3,199 miles.

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  4. Congratulations on retirement, that's great! Montana sounds great
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  5. Good job. Now while enjoying your first ten years retired, think about planning for the future when you're older and less enthusiastic about going places. During your travels keep an eye out for a place that's within a convenient drive's distance to good health care, which will become more and more important, and so is maintenance free housing but that problem can be overcome with money.
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  6. Congratulations! I Hope Your Retirement Is Really Peaceful An Interesting.

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  7. Rambling
    Made my last payment on my Dodge with the Cummins diesel today .
    Now its mine , that alone makes my day.
    Things are changing fast, heading to Montana the 13th to meet up with my friend.
    She wants to be my birthday present. Woo-hoo.
    I plan on being in Helena Montana for a week,

    The fuel prices are nothing but insane, almost a 2 dollar difference from Nevada to California.
    With California having the higher price .
    No offense to anyone in California but the traffic there is so bad makes me never want to go there again .
    Love Northern California camping and deep sea fishing.

    The world seems weird because of how much things cost now.
    When I was in the USN a carton of Marlboro cigarettes was a buck eighty per carton.
    When I first started driving Gas was 36 cents per gallon.
    My first shotgun cost 32 dollars.
    My first pick up was 1950 ford F1 half ton with a 239 flat head V8 with twin water pumps .
    I paid 50 bucks for the truck.
    Brand new chevy pick ups were 3600.00 .
    Wow have times changed. there were very few homeless people. most were bums/hobos who road the trains .

    After Montana is deep sea fishing.
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  8. I'm closing in on your situation, have a decent amount saved / paid off, still have my health (mostly) and am hoping to be out of the day to day at work in less than 3 years.

    Wife and I are more east coast people, but we travel a lot out west too, upstate maine was always a place we loved, miles of rivers, lakes for canoe or land based camping / fishing / hunting. Penty of off-grid type properties up there too.

    Closer to what you are looking for, this si what the wife and I have been doing, we go on 1-2 week "loops" once per year, checking out new places as we go.

    One of our favorites is what I call the "conteintal divide loop"

    Fly or otherwise get yourself to Spokane, Washington. Drive towards whitefish Montana, (we take the long way up through the national forests towards Bonners Ferry then down into flathead lake area.

    While there check out glacier / Waterton parks, then we head South my favorite route is via Chouteau down towards Dillon (you can either pass through or skip the larger cities like Helena enroute depending on if want to visit them or not)

    Once down south maybe swing by and check out yellowstone, or head back west to see craters of the moon park or just cruise back north through Salmon and the bitterroot wilderness areas.

    Depending on how much you wanna see, can easily be a 1-4 week circuit trip
    Here are a couple of different way's we have made the loops, depending on how much time you have, and what you want to see.

    Olympic national park loop is also a good one, hope the best is yet to come for your retirement!

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  9. Also this book, like $20 hardcover on amazon (I think there is a newer edition now with a different cover)

    Will give a lot of basic loops across the USA you can modify depending on what you want to see. Planning future road trips is a way more fun way (imo) to spend a few minutes on the commode than reading the news on my phone.

    Its pretty well laid out the routes and various attractions.
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  10. Some where in all this I want go to Great basin National park ,, its about 150 mile north of Vegas.
    Great basin National is about 50 miles from Area 51, planning on setting up Camera.
    I have a EF 100 to 400 canon lens with 1.6 multiplier. Takes me up to like 600MM lens
    I will be chasing certain climates when traveling/camping with my 5th wheel.
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  11. My sister used to live in Vegas (her husband was a foreman on a structural steel crew, when he retired they bounced out to Idaho, say they are loving every minute; shes up outside of Coeur d'Alene now).

    My uncle Jim and his Wife Betty used to own "Sig's Bar" in Boulder Montana before they passed in 2016. Its now called the "Raghorn Saloon" and the new owners are good people who run it pretty much the same way if you end up passing through. 208 N main street in "downtown" Boulder.

    Never did get to great basin, its on the list, when we went to visit my sister in Vegas we did mostly the "usual" stuff (strip, freemont street, hoover dam, zion)

    Sounds like you got your plans together though mate, hope the road before you stays wide open and the wind gently at your back!
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  12. Gone through some extremely tough operations .......... Yards and yards, that bad ....So traveling been struggle
    but trying to get to the bathroom had its moments at times. LOL
    I guess its my last hell Mary LOL

    I have a friend In Wyoming that has a ranch that about 20 miles wide and 40 miles long in BIg Piney that he said I can park my 5th wheel on his ranch any time I want . Its my old hunting grounds.
    When I go I will post some photo's.
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  13. Snap: I'm pursuing 5 acres in coastal Portugal, trying to get in before the inflation, or the radiation interferes,
    but much of the state looks like 3rd world Mexico .
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    Do whatever you want to do. Get rid of your watch. Tell time. Don’t let it tell you

    have you considered buying a rental property? You can make money without working

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  15. I don't even wear a watch since I was forced into retirement. My sons go apeshit when they call and I don't answer in ten seconds because I usually have my ringer turned off. Half the time I don't even carry my phone, I told them that I figure if it's important they'll call back or leave a message. I hate phones.
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  16. Congrats.
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  17. Congratulations. I'm working now to set myself up for early retirement. Still have about 25 - 30 years to go regardless lol
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  18. Congratulations.
    I wish my "retirement" was as good as yours.
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  19. As someone who fucked up retirement financially, I agree. I went on disability in 2005 so 401K contributions stopped. My SS is less than if I'd retired normally. I have a tiny $200/month pension. My wife worked until retirement age so we've essentially retired on one income. We have enough money, just not a cushy retirement. Totally my own fault. But, it could be worse. I'm dual diagnosis and could have totally fucked up and have no 401K even if it's quite small. I also could have spent some time in jail on felony drug prescription charges, but had a kind judge and did my part to have charges go away. So, it's not great and I feel like a total loser, but it could be worse.
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