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  1. My friend has been experimenting in breeding new strains. He has done real well in doing so.
    On my next grow I will be using one of his new strains. It is Northern light x Jack Herer which i believe is callled jack frost. then he bread Jodie delight x Black Domino. He named that strain Gorilla Domino. Then he took the Gorilla Domino and bread it with the Jack Frost. He wants to name the Gorilla Domino x Jack Frost, Monkey Knuckles. The question I have is how does he go about making the names of theses strains official? The Monkey Knuckles is an amazing strain and thats what I'll be growing on my next run. I have never seen such a thick and beautiful purple strain. Smells phenomenal. He wants to show the world what he has created bu he doesnt know how. please gimme an idea or input on how we can make his strains known and public.
  2. Where can I purchase sEEds of these strains :)
  3. Well if he is just growing a male and a female and polinating them, that is not making a new strain. Breeders grow many many plants, to pick out the traits they want in the plants, then they grow them some more. Then they breed that generation, and see if they retain the wanted traits. Then they do it again. I do not believe stability is reached until the 3rd generation , and thats after hundreds of plants were grown to pick put the traits or phenotypes. If he is just pollinating different strains together, then all you are getting is unstable seeds.

    Now I of course have no idea if this is the case. If he is a real breeder and doing it the right way, I actually don't know how to go about officially naming a strain. I guess word of mouth if good enough, will make the strain famous. But I am sure others will follow up with better advice on that front.

    Good Luck. :smoke:

  4. Im not sure how he goes about breeding. I just reap the fruits of it when hes done. Ill question his process tomorrow while im helping him trim his outdoor. There has got to be a way of making them official. I figure if he puts them into the cannabis cup he would have a good shot of making the strains well known.

    reGcity... Sorry bro hes kinda keeping the strains to himself for a while. He has already started a stock of seeds. If you want the black domino or jack frost you should be able to find them at greenhouse seeds. The black domino is my favorite strain of all time.

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