Officially a MFLB owner!! Questions

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  1. I finally picked up the MFLB!! IM SO HAPPY! I got the 2011 model for 80 bucks from a freind. Super good deal. (I made sure it worked before I bought it and he said if it breaks hell get me a new one with the warranty). I just have a few questions.

    How do I discharge my batteries? Am i supposed to or could i just stick the batteries in the charger when there out?

    The stem is broken so what can i use as a replacement?

    i dont even have anymore questions. i guess its that simple. THANKS MFLB
  2. Bumpp

    Also how do i know if the batteries are charged? The light is blinking are they charged when its solid?
  3. You can "kiss" the vape without a stem. Vid is on the website and the battery thing should be no big deal to just charge up anytime
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    To get new stem go to you may be able to use a straw in the meantime.
    Also the box has a life time warranty.again
    When the batts are charged the light wil turn solid green should be solid red when charged,if the charger is a tenergy charger and it's blinking red the batteries ate shot or in the wrong way, has a thread for the launch box too
    There's even a power adapter so you could use it without batteries.
    You tube has videos of the box too.
  5. Ok the batteries have a solid green light so i took them out. im letting them cool before i use them.

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