Official World Cup 2006 Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by WookiesAreCool, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Today is the day, the day that will stop a Civil War (In the Ivory Coast) and begins a month long tournament of champions.

    Here is a schedule of all the games:

    I personally don't want Brasil to win it this year. I also really hope the US can get out of the pool play, but they drew the toughest group in the tournament. Either way, way too few Americans care about this game. So I am calling on my international blades to talk some futball with me and with all.

    GO USA :)
  2. That's the one where you can't use your hands, right?

  3. You are quite the jokster! :rolleyes:
  4. never have I watched this game(except the tyme I went to my friends game) But i tell you what, I will watch the U.S. games this year and try to keep up with you. I have been watching mad new sports it used to just be footbal then I was like ok football and hockey, now football, hockey and Futball. :hello: JOE>
  5. Hahaha, does Canada even have a team in this thing?
  6. I'm feeling Argentina for the upset. Watch em go all the way. :hello:
  7. i'm thinking COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!
  8. england chokes every time. sadly i think it's going to be the brazilians.....again.

  9. na canada is not in the world cup, never have in soooooo long, there ranked like 100, need to be ranked 50 to even qualify. im interested how the u.s.a. will do tho against czech, thatll be a game to watch for sure.
  10. thats some luck. drawing czech first then having to play italy.
  11. Ahhh that T&T vs. Sweden upset was absolutely AMAZING. I can't wait for Brazil v. Croatia. That will be a good one.
  12. Go UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the greatest country in the world!
  13. england needs to step it up and be more offensive i like their chances if they play well

    argentina looks pretty damn good from their first match deffinitly a step up from 02
  14. Haha i don't know if you can really judge their performance against IVORY COAST. That's like a warmup for them. :p
  15. Ummm... you all do know the Stanley Cups are on this week? Why are you watching, "futbal" hah

    j/j But, yeah, World Cup time is the only time I watch soccer, I love seeing the emotion behind the game, the emotion behinds the fans, it makes for some good play!
  16. Im hoping france does better than last time.
  17. Yeah getting blazed and watching it on HD is orgasmic. The energy is intense.

    But yeah, stanley cup. Sweet. NBA Finals. Okay.
  18. Go Mexico. Just beat Iran 3-1 :hello:. Too bad everyone gets all hyped about them then they just end up losing the 2nd game like 5-1
  19. I actually watched this game.

    I actually kind of like futbal. It's like hockey but without the ice and fighting, and a huge net.

  20. futbal dude is great, what could be more true athleticism then sprinting and being able to control a bouncy as fuck ball, hockey is kind of in a different ball park. men with ice skates, pure technique, no real raw (as far as human characteristics goes) intensity compared to the pure sprint in soccer. fucken physical tho.

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