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Official Who From The City Do You Wanna Toke With

Discussion in 'General' started by LETTUCE CHIEF, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Anyone on my friendlist; they're there for a reason... Plus a few who aren't, having either never really thought to send friend requests.

    To be fair though, as long as someone is down to smoke, i'm usually down too...
  2. Some of the people who post mostly in Science and Nature, and a couple from Spirituality and Philosophy. MelT comes to mind first and foremost.
  3. I havent seen his, but I doubt he compares to MR. Postman
  4. Shit, I'd prolly smoke with anyone on here.

  5. dude there are all some crazy growers

    never realyl look at grows cause it makes me jealous lmao

    cause I dont know shit about shit about growing
  6. I agree looking at growers section makes me jealous and mad that growing such beautiful cannabis is so super illegal.

    Yea I'd smoke with a lot of different people from stash jar, general, toking tools especially because they have all the sick nasty glass I'm dying to try but too poor to get, and also people from movies and sports sections...

    I have diverse interests so I feel like I could hold a conversation with many different posters here haha.
  8. mogwai cause most of his posts make me lol :D
  9. Royk
    Nick Dillinger

    All these blades are awesome and I mean who wouldn't want to smoke with any one of them?
  10. xtiffany

    ..... and more.
  11. I'd smoke with pretty much any blade.
  12. I stand by my previous I'd prolly smoke with anyone here, but for the purposes of this thread, I claim all the Bladies :D
  13. Man this is like high school gym class....waiting for your name to be called :laughing:

    I'll smoke with anyone I talk to on a regular basis as well as anyone who is mature, funny, & can handle a lot of weed!

  14. The question for me isnt who do I wanna blaze with. Its, whos got 5?
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    ill take a raincheck. who would wanna smoke with any of these internet creeps?

  16. I'm not too picky. if they got coke and money and they're willing to share, we be'z toking mon'
  17. that guy "refeeR"
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    Im down to blaze with just about anybody unless your a real big d-bag. I can get down and smoke 1 with all circles of life and have a good time.
    I got my peeps im cool with though, I dont have to name em, they know who they are
    and you know I always got 5 on it :smoking:
  19. dawnofwar. I think me and him would have some great discussions. Plus everyone else of course, unless your a real life troll., dont need people like that whilst enjoying the herb.

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