Official Who From The City Do You Wanna Toke With

Discussion in 'General' started by LETTUCE CHIEF, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Ok so you gotta post it like you seen them around a real city and for whatever reason wanna smoke with em

    This one girl that goes by the stripper name of Royksopp came over to my wall before. We watched a wiz video. Lol. Shes chill as fuck.

    And Granny :wave:
    Shes like a powerhouse of information and i really feel she is the granny of GC.

    So i see this guy

    around MY city especially around the vaporizer club. Hes OG as fuck. This dude will eat the bud after he vapes it. He always has a pimp ass shirt on, and always laxxin, so i think hes retired. So he just chills with the herb. He's like an older white wiz khalifa. And he has #swagg

    If i smoked with him it'd be a ass fat blunt like hes smoking on his profile pic.

    Oh and

  2. too many to list haha.
  3. Pretty much all of the regular posters
  4. RMJL Royksopp BUDSLiNGER
  5. probably some of the dudes that frequent the nba/mlb/nfl threads
  6. August west and Dirtypete.
  7. Gburna
    Ct burnin

    And I'm sure there's more :smoke:
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  8. Anyone thats not a douche
  9. I want to smoke with all the blades/bladies in the basement!
  10. All my fellow mods of course.

    and Granny, and my bud Volcano South (again)
  11. OldSchoolGrower
  12. I'm pretty sure I'd just like to spark up with all you guys!
    cmon let's go hotbox my basement.
  13. I can't believe no one said octogonal home. Have you seen that dude's grows!??
  14. Everybody, as long as they match and dont randomly start jerking it. Djing the clit would be cool though, if it was a girl and not a hermie. Hmm i'm high.
  15. 5280highchick
    full melt
    see emily play

    and anyone who's been chill and nice to me :D
  16. Anybody in the beer and sports forums and others to tall a list to name

    and whoever grows the dankest bud

    octaganol homes grows are fucking INSANE

    probably more id rather not than would however
  17. ggrass, oldskoolgrower.
  18. cypher001, now. and skunky, of course.

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