Official: What's Your HALO Reach Rank??

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by HeadySpaghetti, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Currently I am a Warrant Officer Grade 2.

    Highest I've seen , Is Lieuant Colonel Grade 3 which I think is the max as of now.. The funny thing is, out of all my Halo 3 games, hes played almost HALF of them ALREADY!

    Im pretty sure they will keep bumping up the max rank for a while and the first update is due in October, with a SWAT playlist its own :) : Reach : Service Record
  2. im a lt. colonel right now

  3. did u cheat or have u played non-stop, for real.
  4. Warrant Officer Grade 3. Love the game but I've got a life too...
  5. i'm a level 43 ogre wizard.

  6. :eek: how the fuck!
  7. haha honestly im just jealous because i cant afford the game. Cant even afford live gold for now. :(
  8. warant officer grade 3. Its so easy to rank up just go to score attack and play gruntpocolypse. I was getting atleast 1,000 credits a game playing that to 3,000. In all honesty though halo reach is nothing compared to halo 3. I think its a terrible game and im selling it tomorrow

  9. Halo 2 > Halo reach > Halo 3

    if they had halo 2 with xbox 3 type shit and no stand bying, itd be pro
  10. Im saying halo 2 before 3 but halo reach before halo 3? I dont know about you.
  11. Captain Grade 3. C3 to Major is only 50k cr and WO3 to Captain was 60 or 65k. Wtf?

  12. Cheater or no life, for reals. Gamertag plz
  13. halo reach is just as fun as halo 3. i wish i had an xbox.

    but once you get good with the dmr and stop playing it like halo 3 you will probably love it. i call it the perfect game all the time when i play it. its so balanced its ridiculous. it takes skill to shoot somebody and kill them. you shouldnt have sold it
  14. D3monc -- Add me yo I am always on reach. I'm only warrant officer 1 :( but I've been playing arena a lot I'm usually in the 1700's on arena which is really good :D. I think I happen to like reach more then Halo 3 but of course less then 2..

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