*OFFICIAL* What are you getting for christmas?/have gotten.

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  1. hey blades and bladies merry xmas! so i just wanna know, what are you doing or getting for the holidays? for me, im 18 but still live at home, and my parents are extremely cool, they got me the iphone 5 far cry 3 black ops 2 some headphones. i will make it up to them some day. lol:smoking::D
  2. I too am an 18 year old who lives at home, and so far for Christmas I've gotten or know I've gotten:

    Far Cry 3
    Blu Ray Player
    Bong/Grinder/other miscellaneous weed shit that my mom ordered for me.
    New Xbox Controller (I break mine sometimes out of rage)
    Some nice Sonoma house slippers.
    Fucking batteries (lol)
    Jack Link's Beef Jerky (a staple of my house)
  3. Jus gettin a PS3
  4. new phone, not really a present though as it was free with an upgrade... i just dont get it until xmas lol


    work shirts

    hopefully a frying pan and a new knife

    everything else is a mystery
  5. Knicks Heat floor level tixx
  6. oh, and i got 15$ for doing an alchohol serving permit test that takes like 3 hours. so i got weed fo the holidays :D
  7. well, a package i ordered arrived today! nothing fancy... just some new screens, a few humidipaks to try, and a new pokey-stick thing from 7th floor. i was going to order some new glass for my vape as well, but i've already spent enough this holiday season, so i just got the "necessities." :(

    i'll probably end up with one or two gift cards and maybe some small housewares from my family--always appreciated!
  8. Candy and money.
  9. I got a mossberg 500 shotty
    some nike airmax95
    and in process of getting a black grille for my car
    Netflix subscription
  10. I dunno... Maybe nothing ,but I hope I get left for dead 2 or some Microsoft points
  11. they are trying to bring back the old thread,, smh..
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    I have gotten $20 and a car safety kit (first aid, blanket, some minor tools, etc.). That's about it.

    I usually use my credit card/debit for 95% of what I buy and I tend to save cash I get to buy an ounce of herbs or whatever. So I like getting cash for Xmas or birthdays because it expedites the process:smoking:
  13. Only had 1 xmas this year and 1 more to go. But the best thing so far was the 3ds XL, the 3d isnt bad and the screen is huge and bright :3
  14. A new long board, and tat
  15. I am spending christmas with my uncle in alaska, he got me a nook and something else that "i am not going to believe" and when i get back to my hometown im getting giftcards, a bag of weed, and some money. I got my sister a new i phone case and a necklace. I tell everyone not to buy for me because my sister is the only one i am buying for but they still get me shit and it pisses me off. Bah humbug.
  16. A Vapexhale Cloud vaporizer
  17. Skytop 2s
    T shirts
    Extreme Q on the 3rd
    Parents are going to buy me seeds , pots , etc for my first outdoor grow

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