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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by pieking, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Well, I'm an old school gamer at heart. all these new shooters and sick graphics just don't do it for me. did I mention I'm eighteen? lol.

    anyways, I play diablo II, and was looking for some people from GC on US east that plays.

    anyone? :smoke:
  2. HC or GTFO

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  3. dude i hated hardcore because all my characters died to server side disconnections and shit.. really annoying

    would be killing andariel or some shit





    like what can I do on that man? just fuckin gay
  4. OMG I haven't played this game since 1.09

    This game was straight crack, very addictive...

    I remember how all the trade channels were like "5 OCCY RINGS FOR 1 SOJ!" "TRADING ZOD FOR ISTED SHAKO!"
  5. Got mad pgems for your organ set!!
  6. I started in 1.08. has evolved since then. its definitely less enjoyable. hence why I'm trying to find some cool people to run with.
  7. Do people still do cow runs?
  8. just in norm. after that its chaos and baal runs.
  9. I debated playing after seeing this thread but I'd rather wait for D3 to come out.
  10. D3 is going be so awesome!

    pvp, FTW!!
  11. PVP is gonna be the shit, I wonder what kind of bad ass drops this game is gonna have.

  12. none in PVP, thats for sure

  13. Not as much as they did pre-1.10. I still use them to level 20-25(norm), 26-40(nm), and 41-60(hell). Get yourself a decent chant and a ravenclaw and even in a 2-3 player game you'll complete each bracket in under 20 minutes.

    Or, you could be a leeching pussy and follow someone around Chaos (hell) from 25-60, which normally takes 7-9 full clears (15-16 full clears in a player5+ game if you leech 1-60).
  14. I have the #1 Feral Druid weapon on East and alot of other extremely good/rare items. So ya i still play. Not so much anymore but i go on every once in awhile to make sure my guys dont expire
  15. lol I ment to put a period and not a comma.
  16. I changed my mind and decided to install D2.

    Anyone gonna play?

    My account will be ItsTheMystery , add me.

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