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Official Toronto/GTA Weed Prices thread.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pbuilder, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. What are you guys paying for your weed in toronto.

    Personally I grab Half O's for about 90-100$ of some OG, purp Kush, or sour D and other headie strains.
  2. When I was in Whitby I paid $50 a quarter ($90 half oz, $170 oz) for some nice frosty stuff. Never thought to ask about names... I had another connection who would charge $60 a quarter ($120 half oz, $220 oz) for some top notch bud, usually some sort of kush strain.

    But the average for everyone I knew was $50-60 a quarter, $90-110 a half oz.
  3. I get like $60 for 7gs, $100 for a half oz and like ~$180 for an oz. Might be picking up an oz for $220 though. My buddy says its the best weed he's ever smoked.
  4. Grand theft auto
  5. Correct.
  6. I want some of that grand theft auto weed, as long as it isn't all laced.

  7. Greater Toronto Area

  8. Yea this... sorry should have been more specific.

    Although GTA 5 does look awesome!
  9. One would think that if they were from Toronto, they'd know what GTA meant though...
  10. We do know :)
  11. Burlington

    50-60 a Q for quality bud, 180-220 an O

    Quality Hash 80-90 Q, 300-350 an O

    This all depends on who you know, how well and long you've known them.

    Personally I get mine cheaper because I know the right people and have known them for years.
  12. I get the finest strains available in Toronto IME.
    200-240$ per Ounce.

    Master Kush:
    [ame=]Cannabis Cup 2011 - Master Kush Strain should be entered - YouTube[/ame]
    Hawaiian Haze:
    [ame=]Hawaiin Haze - close up looks at cannabis strains - YouTube[/ame]

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