Official Thanksgiving Family Forum - GOP Debate

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  1. Thanks to TheDankery for posting this information in the Ron Paul Appreciation Thread! I figured that I would create a new thread so that we can discuss this event in it's own section.

    To view the live streaming video of tonight's forum:

    Takes place from 4-6pm (CST). Participants are: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Paul, Perry, & Santorum.

    According to the main page, their debate is geared towards allowing people/voters to hear where the candidates stand on pro-family issues.

  2. [ame=]Rick Santorum vs. Ron Paul On Gay Marriage - YouTube[/ame]
  3. I think I know how this one is going to turn out :)

    When you are the only candidate that can tie in scripture to your message, you win.

    [ame=]Ron Paul's Full Speech at the Value Voters Summit 2011 - YouTube[/ame]
  4. santorum: "...where 7 judges forced gay marriage on iowa"

  5. Love the dude talking atm. :smoke:
  6. Oh man this is some creepy shit.

    at least this random dude is talking about the Fed...

    edit: Oh shit awesome random baseball cap dude shouted out Ron Paul
  7. this jesus stuff sounds pretty convincing maybe i should give it a try
  8. Yea… where are the two mormon candidates? Only jesus lovers allowed?
  9. They declined the invitation.

    Would've been interesting to see the reception for Mormons though :smoke:
  10. people who dont pray are angry and unhappy?
  11. According to Newt, people who don't agree in our "Creator", shouldn't teach.
  12. i like how the only other faith that seems to exist for the GOP is judaism. paul needs to chime in more to even up the sanity
  13. Man Santorum is itching to blame gays for the economic recession and unemployment or some shit like that. He's just drooling over there, so eager to talk about how icky homosexuality is.
  14. Paul's entire message deals with freedom, morality, and personal responsibility! I trust the individuals and/or local municipalities moreso compared to an over-arching Federal Gov't.
  15. everyone was scared to answer first so ron destroyed that answer
  16. Santorum looking like a badass being the only one without a necktie.
  17. newt is fucking retarded lol, doesnt know what occupy wall street stands for
  18. Santorum hates Paul and his idea of liberty.
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    I wonder how fast these clowns would pussy out on state's rights if a state chooses to
    legalize MMJ or if they choose to legalize gay marriage.

    edit: ohh fuck Santorum just compared the immorality of slavery to the "immortality" of gay marriage.
  20. Santorum comparing gay marriage to slavery in terms of its being "morally reprehensible"

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