Official Swearnet Appreciation Thread

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    Directly from J.P. Tremblay, Robb Wells and Mike Smith. (Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles from TPB) as well as Pat Roach (Randy).

    It's in it's infancy but I think they have some halfway decent stuff so far. I especially enjoyed the "swearnet archives".

    What do you blades think about this?
    Are the boys fucking themselves over on this one?

    I personally have faith in the boys that they will be able to pull it off.
  2. Checked it out and I really don't like it.. I really like them too!
  3. fucking love the site, Sam and Amy's pilot show "HIGH FUCKERS" is awesome. Love the skits with the TPBoys too.
  4. Anyone see High Fuckers last week? Whadya think about Amy, she seems to know her shit.....

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