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  1. Hey,

    I had this idea and thought it could be useful to new and experienced growers, sort of like a Grasscity strain guide. Not reviews but information on the plants you have grown so people can get to know more strains and also choose one they might like to grow? Anyway post a strain you have grown, the yield, indoor or outdoor, grow medium, part of world if outdoor, auto, feminised, both or regular, sativa, indica or hybrid, and also grow experience.

    If it catches on it could become a sort of encyclopedia of loads of strains which could prove quite useful. I know you can find out this info elsewhere but if we have it here it will be all in one place and more realistic, we all know that most seed banks lie about the yield and other characteristics.

    Anyway enjoy :)
  2. Yup, just thought it would be cool if there was something like that on gc.
  3. Bump? Anyone else think this is a good idea?
  4. Add them! ^^
  5. I have a strain encyclopedia application on my phone. Most of the strains have 3D images that you can spin in a full circle with your finger. It's pretty neat.
  6. Nice, just thought it would be cool to have on gc.
  7. ha i'll start
    C99: hybrid leaning toward sativa. amazing, definitely grows way too fast. (not a bad thing) my other strains can not keep up. smells so lemony. does good outside and inside.
    Sour Grapes: hybrid. straight up dank. easy to grow smells soooooo bad/good. does better outside.
    Purple Diesel: dank indica if you're into that thing. too easy to grow. sucks up nutrients like a vaccuum. tight nodes. don't really like it imo.
    Green Candy: hybrid leaning towards sativa. MY FAVORITE STRAIN EVER. smells so strong. it stacks up like an indica but the leaves show so much sativa DNA. no stretch at all. loves the FFOF feed schedule.
    Jedi Kush: this one didn't like the synth nutez. but i figured her out quick :) looks like a ball of dank. hoping for dense ass nugs.
    Maui Wowie: 100% sativa. it hated me until i put her in the sun.. maui just wants sun. grows sooo tall and stretches. can't wait to see the bud that comes off. doesn't respond well to any sort of stress.
  8. Ahh Awesome Joey, sounds like I might have to try a few out :p Let's keep it coming :D

  9. What app and OS?

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