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~^~OFFICIAL~^~ step by step how to make a awesome sploof *pics*

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shamrock0820, May 21, 2006.

  1. ya so i noticed allot of people always ask about sploofs and how to make one, ill make a thread. ok when your done making this sploof you can smoke where ever and it wont smell at all. If you cap the bowl with the side of it and make no cherry smoke at all then it wont smell at all. try it out, you'de be amazed how good these guys work.


    - ducktape (or any tape)
    - any fabric sofner sheet things
    - any size paper towl cardboard roll

    heres the materials

    1.take 3 of the sheets

    2. put them on the top

    3. wrap them tightly over


    4. ductape it all the way around, go over it well, make sure its tight


    5. then you need to crumple the sheets individually.


    as so


    6. crumple the rest of the sheets


    7. take your finger and pack them densly down to the end.



    ya got yourself a ninja style smoking device.

    everyones gotta try it out, great for quick smokes at work in the bathrooms anything you name it, its good for.
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  2. great thread, should be stickied!
  3. sploofs are life savers!
  4. indeed a good thread. +rep
  5. Good thread! Id cut the pic. quantity down though; for 56k users out there.
  6. we should get this stickied, mods? i don't think many people have 56k anymore im sure some do but cable got cheap
  7. How long will this last?
  8. niceeeeeee, good for all those little nublets out there.
  9. +rep

    I've been looking for something like this, thank you!
  10. you could smoke a 1/4 through it, works real good and lasts but i like to make new ones every month so its always a powerful strong masking..not masking but all the smoke that comes out of it smells like flowers NOTHING like weed its retarded. try it out!
  11. I have a pretty pimp sploof!

    It's a 20oz dasani bottle with holes cut in the bottom, packed with 10 dryer sheets, then a wrapping paper tube (narrow kind) is taped over the mouthpiece of the bottle, and this is also stuffed with dryersheets. It's awesome cus I can sit at my desk here, take a hit, pick up the sploof which touches the window from here, and blow it right out!!

  12. Hey that sounds pretty cool. I might have to try that out.:smoke:

    To the OP: hey man, nice thread, I think this should definitely be stickied. +rep

    EDIT: gotta spread some first
  13. heres a good question

    can you still get high off the smoke that goes through? like does it just mask the smell, or does it actually filter it

    for like hotboxing a car?
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  14. ...and how do you smoke outta it?
  15. i don't think it filters it, you gotta try it out and report back!
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  16. lol you blow your hits through it, you could blow a hit into it right into someones nose and they would smell the flavor of the fabric sofner you used.
  17. thats a good question. i guess it might :confused:
  18. thad be ill for joyridin..get pulled over and the cop wouldnt smell shit, although the only thing is it wouldnt work for blunts and joints.
  19. wow really, really helpful deffently should be stickyed. +REP
  20. I have 56k and it seriusly gave me absolutly no probs. It takes a bit longer to view pics, but nothin to worry bout.

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