OFFICIAL Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Thread

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by porchy44, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I dont know whats so official about this thread, but add me Newt. Character #: 159

    I'm in gold league mostly, so im not bad.

    Any other starcraft 2 fans on here? :smoke: :hello: :wave:
  2. playing desert strike right now if anyones interested

    playing it on my tv in max settings with smooth fps is so fucking cool
  3. I’m fed up.
  4. just won a 550 vs 600 desert strike finale, me and my boy fucked noobs up
  5. screenshots from my mass ultralisk desert strike




  6. My computer would have exploded if I had that shit going down ^^^
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    haha my computer blue screened once yesterday but i got some updated drivers I hope it was just that

    but yeah my new video card tanks those 1000 unit fights like a champ

    practically no lag at all after like the first 5 seconds of the units loading and moving

    looks nice on extreme right?

    I just need a bigger monitor

    I didn't really like my TV experiment.. it doesn't have an HDMI-PC outlet so teh screen is kinda fuzzy

    I need to get a monitor that supports the next size up in resolution
  8. on a fuckin zerg hotstreak tonight! 7 wins in a row atm. Tryin to get out of fuckin silver league..
  9. hell ya OFFICIAL SC2! [ame=]NERD ALERT - Void Rays - (Rebecca Black - Friday Parody) ft KurtHugoSchneider / HuskyStarcraft - YouTube[/ame]

    Character: SoccerMom #404

    I play Protoss. Not yet ranked for Season 5. 2v2 are good with me, microphone. I love User map setting games as well. Tower Defence++
  10. I play terran and am around a gold level player. Id love to play some 1vs1, 2vs2, or better yet we should get a free for all going for gc!

    feel free to add me - muirner #142
  11. I really only play custom games on SC2.

    Anybody play Mafia? I spent majority of my time on Mafia, Desert Strike, or Nexus War. If you haven't tried Mafia I suggest you do, it's kind of like Clue but more advanced and thought out.
  12. MCWhiteHaze.

    High gold Terran beating Plats in custom games. I practice everyday, add me for practice.

    I don't play 2s or 3s so don't bother with that lol.

    I ave a strict teamate I only play 2s with, and I want to hit diamond ! Urging damn you SC2.
  13. IDK what it is but I cannot get into SC2 multiplayer like I did the original battlenet. I used to spend days at a time on oldschool bnet w/ my clans and shit.

    (Clan Soviet<-- If there any oldschool bnet players here)

    Maybe its because the game back then was easier to manipulate... which lead to more interesting open-ended gaming and boundless capabilities modders had.
  14. ^ buy the game. Support blizzard. They strive to make incredible games .

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