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    I love modding in Skyrim and decided it would be a good idea to create a separate modding thread. This list will be updated frequently, as this is only a handful of the mods I currently have enabled. With that aside, here are some of my favorites! Enjoy, and feel free to post your own! I may decide to add texture mods to the list, but in reality there is an HD texture for virtually everything. Just search around on Skyrim Nexus!

    -Crimson Tide: Available on Skyrim Nexus. Maces leave bloody bruises, blades leave gashes, and finishing moves will leave expanding pools of blood beneath your victims. Pretty cool for some added realism.

    -KillMove+: Adds new killmoves to Skyrim.

    -Auto Unequip Arrows: Hate having a quiver on your back when you don't have a bow equipped? This mod makes it so when you equip your bow, you auto equip your arrows. When you change your bow for a sword, you remove your quiver.

    Immersion/ Environment
    -Sounds of Skyrim: A collection of over 400 new sounds in Skyrim available on The Nexus and Steam. So far there is SoS Wildlife and SoS Dungeons. A SoS Civilizations is in the works.

    -Bird Flocks: A great mod available on Steam Workshop. It adds many random birds that will fly out of trees, etc. Overall, it makes the world feel a bit more alive.

    -Darker Skyrim: Makes the dungeons in Skyrim much darker where torches and light spells are necessary. If you're a two handed character, the mod "Rings of Light" adds rings that cast light. This is available on Steam Workshop.

    -Real Months, Real Days: A simple mod that changes the months and days to real world such as November, Tuesday, etc. Available on The Nexus

    -More Carriages: Adds carriages to small villages such as Riverwood.

    -Deeper Snow: Experience real snow storms. Available on Steam.

    -Better Dynamic Snow: Snow on rocks and structures don't look as crappy.

    -More Rain: True rain storms. Available on Steam.

    -Hunting Profit: Increases the value of pelts, etc and adds many new ingredients such as troll eyes, wolf meat, etc.

    -Open Faced Guard Helmets: Because guards have eyes too! Available on the Nexus

    -Detailed Cities: Adds life to the main cities by adding trees, crates, and general clutter. Available on Steam.

    -Detailed Outskirts: Adds life to the outskirts of the main cities. Made by the same creator as Detailed Cities. Available on Steam.

    -Beautiful Sunglare: Available on Steam. Enhances the games sunglare effect.

    -Basic Human Needs: You must eat, sleep and drink. Available on Steam. I recommend not fast traveling.

    -Camping: Available on Steam, this allows you to create a campsite to cook, sleep, etc wherever you want. This pairs excellently with "Basic Human Needs".

    -Spells Give Off Light: Just like the title says, spells will now give off a glow depending on their color. Available on Steam.

    -Cloaks in Skyrim: Adds cloaks available in many different colors to crafting and to the leveled lists, meaning random NPC's such as Stormcloaks, bandits, etc will be wearing cloaks.

    -Rabbits Plus: Available on Steam, it adds many new species of rabbit to the world.

    -Winter is Coming: A winter clothing mod based on the HBO series "Game of Thrones" adds hoods, cloaks, scarves, etc to the leveled lists and forge in Skyrim. Available on the Nexus

    -Wars in Skyrim: Available on the Nexus, it populates Skyrim with random encounters. Hunters fending off a werewolf, giant spiders roaming the plains, Nightingales tracking you down, etc. There are many different versions ranging from rare encounters to very frequent. Some are more lore friendly then others as well.

    -Weapon Variant Expansion: Adds 98 different weapons and 24 different shields to leveled lists, shops, and the forge. They are based off of the existing categories such as Dwarven, Steel, etc. Examples: Steel Shortsword, Elven Battlemace, etc.

    -Real Wildlife: Adds hundreds of newly named and sized creature in Skyrim. Examples: Small skeevers as rats in main cities, Bear cubs, giant mudcrabs called "Rock Crabs", etc, etc.[/SIZE]

    Gameplay Changes
    -Enhanced High-Level Gameplay: Adds stronger enemies to the game after level 25. Various name changes such as Bandit Elite, etc.

    -Magic Scaling: Available on Steam, it makes all schools of magic scale in power.

    -Specialized Followers: Enhances 30 different followers giving them unique combat styles, and perks. Available on Steam.

    -Faster Vanilla Horses: Increases horse walking and running speed making them 30% faster. Available on Steam.

    -Maiq Loading Screens: Adds Maiq's various sayings to the loading screens. Available on the Nexus.

    -SkyUI: Available on Steam, SkyUI improves the user interface by making less wasteful screen space, and nicer to look at.
  2. Cool list dude, definitely will be checking a few of these out. Just began my new game with no fast traveling and camping, definitely going to add basic human needs as well now!
  3. [quote name='"dom12"']Cool list dude, definitely will be checking a few of these out. Just began my new game with no fast traveling and camping, definitely going to add basic human needs as well now![/quote]

    Thanks for the positive feedback man :) I was hoping for this tread to take off a little bit more... I'm not sure if I should keep updating. Let me know if you guys are at all interested in this!

  4. Definitely keep updating! When I read all the work put into this, I thought it would take off a little more as well, but dont worry I'll help bump this for you because it's a great idea!:hello:

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