Official skype chat group?

Discussion in 'General' started by xGovernor, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. I used the search feature and looked up skype, I saw sessions that were only temporary. I figured I would post a new thread about some sort of permanent skype session? I work for an online game company, and believe it or not, we just use skype.
    I understand what this forum is about, but hell, a little social chat wouldn't hurt anything. Pardon me if there is already active chat somewhere, sorry about that, nonetheless, I thought this would be a fun and good idea.
    I also know that I am pretty new to the forums, but this could be a fantastic addition. A moderator could host this chat, forum rules could apply to this chat as well, I could also host it with my experience regarding it.
    What do you think?

  2. It's against the rules actually..
    Sorry dude.
    Which one?
  4. I'd be down to kick it
  5. id be down but a skype chat of that size would be pretty intense on lesser end computers. We could do mumble, teamspeak, ventrillo or something thats made for running in the background of more intense programs so more people can join us without issue. plus on a program like those we could be more private about who we are since it doesnt have a picture or your name. 
  6. Cant form skypes, tinychats any of that through GC.
    Talked with Yoda not to long ago about it.
    I wish they'd update the rules, so we could all be informed on any changes...
  8. After having been part of a GC Skype chat for some time, it seemed to be nothing but constant drama among the members of it.
    Wore me out, mang.
    Ah, that's unfortunate! Yeah, I can understand the drama, oh well. Maybe something will come up in the future.
  10. Agreed dude
    Same dude.
    Really? Me and some other people from the anime thread formed a chat session during winter break but it didn't last. Not too many people go there so I can see why it would be overlooked by a mod.

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