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  1. I am a self proclaimed skin care professional. I really enjoy everything skin care related.
    I am here to answer questions and provide solutions to your problems.
    A few quick notes that everyone should know
    - Drink a gallon of water a day
    - Eat Healthy
    - Exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize your face
    - Apply lotion and exfoliates to your body in and out of the shower
    - Always wear tanning lotion when out in warm weather - I wear tanning oil but that's because of my skin's reaction to the sun. I never get sunburned.
    Some must have products :
    NOW Sweet Almond Oil or Grape seed Oil ~$12
    Fresh Umbrian Clay Bar - $38

  2. How do you hide the appearance of capillaries? Specifically where the nostrils flare. My complexion is semi ruddy around my muzzle area.
  3. I usually just rub my semen on my skin, better than any bullshit lotion on the market.
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    i use a face scrub for men before i shave and face lotion after....and wash my face with a wet cloth daily that's about it as far as skin care goes for me.
  5. What's the best way to exfoliate in your opinion? Being A guy I never really put much thought into skin care aside from the basics.

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  6. I guess we need to make this thread go on. What skincare products do you usually use? I need some recommendations ASAP
  7. There are some really great thing you can get from Evologie brand. They make some really decent products which help get rid of different blemishes and make your skin great. I guess you will like the products from them as well
    I found her at an arts and crafts show, I use her pink Himalayan salt toner and cleansing face oil on the daily. It's all natural, affordable, and it works great

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  9. My mom cleaned faces for a living for about a decade.
    Products are a scam.
    The BEST thing for your face and skin grows naturally, oil.

    Use warm water to get most of it off, that's it. Avoid using soaps daily, maybe every other day or two.

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