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OFFICIAL scariest moment of your life thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WeekendTokerr, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I'll start be sitting at home in double story house it's night time hear some footsteps coming up stairs (home alone) very slow I think I shot myself but finally brave it to have a look I get up walk out of my bedroom and there's this shadow like figure staring out or my lounge room window it looked at me then disappeared I was in shock I just stood there for about five minutes completely in awe to what I just saw, tell dad calls me a pussy and I'm imagining this,
    Your turn
  2. I don't get scared, I have hair on my peaches.
  3. You be trollin
  4. When I was 14, having to tell my Mum I smoke weed. My school had searched my bag and found baggies with kief all over them and some bong screens. They were gonna call her up and tell her and discuss whether or not I'd be expelled. I decided to balls up and tell her myself before they get a chance to call her and tell her what a bad person I am etc.

    And my Mum isn't your normal laid back mum. She's a big fat angry Jewish mother. Like Sheila Broflovski from South Park.
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    LOL that last part will be my sig but unlucky dude that sucks
  6. Bump. I wanna see more!!
  7. We were drink all day in Europe. So were walking home from the club district when my stupid drunk friend throws a brick into this dudes window. A little background on this dude, he was in the war and his son died he's all fucked up now but anyhow. This mother f... Chased us with a gun trying to kill us. We were running through people's properties it was so messed up. I didn't sleep at all that night lol. Woke up to my grandmother asking I'd I heard so much noise last night lmao!!!

    Crazy adrenaline rush having someone hold a rifle at you lol.
  8. in the Barracks .I was in the USMC I was sleeping a woke up with a black figure staring at me.
    And I could not move.He slap me in the gut I so scared I could move The next morning
    I thought it was a dream but i had a black and blue hand print on my gut and chest
  9. After reading OP's post, I want more ghost stories.
  10. It was my birthday and a group of like 7 of some of my closest friends were over and my mom decided to go out shopping for an hour or so, and so I break out the 18 inch bong and my friends and I are ready to smoke some weed and one of my friends (like an idiot) did salvia and as we are passing the bong around and I go inside to get shut to eat then my mom walked back in saying she forgot her pocket book. I run outside to say hide the bong and I see it sitting right there on the table my mom starts walking to outside I try to stop her then all of a sudden the bong is gone and she goes oh nothing weird is going on. I later find out in a 2 second period my friend hid the bong in his backpack it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo clutch.
  11. one time i was smoking a joint on the back porch with my friends and his sister walks out asking a question. i just turned sideways and put it at my side and walked away. i sat down in the alley. took a few hits then put it out and walked in. it didnt sound that scary but i was probably 16. scary shit for me. but she never noticed. thank god.
  12. Okay this isn't a ghost story but there's a lake in my old neibhorhood that no one really knows about but it has a pier and I decided to take my ex there one time and were both baked and we had subway and we were gonna go eat it on the pier ya know and we get out of my car and we start walking to the pier and I hear some ruffling in the bushes and 2 mexicans with knives in there hands one dude had a baseball bat in the other hand and my girl just started fuckin screaming and they started laughing so we started running back to my car and we got in and they were just standing there laughing...I think hey might have been just messing with us but idk...scariest shit that's ever happened to me...they were pretty close my girl couldnt sleep that night cause after we got outa there a car followed us all the way home I even took some different routes just to confuse them but when we got to my house he jut kept driving and thats why she didn't wanna sleep cause she thought they were gonna come in and kill us. Scared the shit outa me
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    This happened when I was 19 or 20, idk they blur together. I was invited to a party and went because shit was free and I wanted to drink after work and have a good time. Plus it was my ex-gf who invited me and I wanted some nookie nookie. Didn't get any by the way for one very good reason (at least thats what I tell myself). That reason is the whole point of the story.

    So her older sister was throwing the party (she is 22), and obviously she bought all the alcohol. Some of her sister's friends showed up and started playing beer pong and me and my ex-gf and her friends who were sorta my friends, you know how it is, were making some party playlists once things started getting going.

    Only two of us 19 year olds (there were 5 of us total) had started drinking. I was waiting because I was nervous about doing it since the neighborhood was notorious for underage drinking and stories of parties being broken up was widespread. Her older sister even blocked out all the windows and put signs up saying only 21 allowed. And we even parked our cars a few houses away and some a few blocks down so that it didn't appear a party was happening. Her mom was on call at the hospital so good. Right as I'm considering drinking we get word of cops showing up.

    The fun part. We are huddled upstairs into a room (the underagers) and told to "shut the fuck up." The cops being cops search the whole house (yay) and find us huddled in a bedroom. While this is going on her younger brother who is 16 maybe and his friend are smoking a joint in his room playing video games. As we were going upstairs we tell him the cops are here, the look on his face was one of sheer terror like he was about to be raped by a black dude. (This was before I smoked, yes I'm a late bloomer).

    The cop comes into the room we are in tells us to move away from the door and head downstairs. He asks if we were drinking we say no. What else do you say? Duh...We get downstairs there's like 7 or 8 cops, I'm like wtf, this is a fucking party why so many? He takes our Ids, I left mine in the car because I'm smart, of course he then asks for my name, shit I can't give a false one I'm thinking. So I was going to give him my friends name but wasn't sure if dispatch (he has to radio to dispatch to check our ages, any warrants etc) had a picture of me or my friend.

    So I give him my real name. He then proceeds to breathalyze us while they check our names out. None of us clock in at over .008 or really anything at all because only two had been drinking. Plus they only have one mixed drink anyways. And only one of them hit anything which was .00006, so they were like what the fuck? We got off easy. Nobody got in trouble there.

    But the brother was smoking a j with his friend. They were asked questions while we were being breathalyzed and being the smart kid he was never gave up his dealer. Him and his friends looked so fucking nervous it was hilarious. They were asked however if any of us gave them the weed and I thought for a second that they'd point to one of us just to end the cops asking them questions. Thankfully as they looked around with puppy dog eyes at each of us neither one said that person did, so they just looked back down at the ground and said softly "no." They looked like they were about to cry or shit their pants. I thought they'd have jumped out the 2nd story bedroom window but apparently they thought it was best to risk it. W/e. They got off free.

    The best part was right as we were huddled downstairs and the cops were asking about underage drinking to the older sister she told a cop he could "blow us all", clearly meaning test us by using the breathalyzer. But he shouted back "I'M NOT BLOWING ANYBODY!" To which we laughed silently. And then proceeded to piss ourselves about what would happen. Which as I said before, we got off freeeeee.

    EDIT: I forgot this funny part, but two of the 22 year old sisters friends were only 20, she didn't know. And one walked past a cop coming in, gave a false name and age (obviously) and then drove away. The cops when they found out after she told them the truth were like WTF? they were fucking pissed but knew that they couldn't do anything and just shrugged it off and ate donuts. And the other kid blew .120, we thought he was fucked for sure, plus he kept fucking talking and the cops told him to shut up a few times and threatened him as they always do. And we told him to be quiet but then of course the cops told us to shut up because they are assholes who think they're better than you. Anyways I found out that later he got off as well. Good times.
  14. When I was younger my family and I were hiking on trail in Yellowstone, turned a corner and ran into two grizzly bears about 50 yards away from us. We backed away slowly and got the hell out of there.
  15. So I had an open house till about dinner time.....

    I invite my buddy over for a bong sesh before 4, as we entered the garage and prepped for the sesh a black widow near my buddies leg catches our attention. I sprayed the bitch off the exercise bike, my buddy was sitting on, with ozium until the lil fucker was a wrinkled mess and then I smashed it. Right after this I hear running up the stairs of my house. I was fucking freaked, I glanced my buddy then the door and took off through it with an old pair of crutches.... all i could find atm.

    Once inside I yelled "who the fuck's in my house," and ran around the corner to see that it was my father and not a burglar, I was fucking relieved. But now I was tripping cause my buddy and I were in the garage with 3 backpacks out and chairs setup haha. Luckily we didn't blaze up yet or it'd been all bad.
  16. The scariest moment of my life was when my mom walked in on me jacking off it was so fucking awkward.
  17. A couple friends and I were drinking and playing music on my friends front porch out in the sticks. We took a smoke break and heard some music coming from the woods across the street so we decided to check it out. As we walked through the woods we realized it was spanish music.
    So, being drunk, we decided to go ahead anyways. As we reach the clearing there was a trailer with about 30 mexicans out front. When they saw us about 20 of them ran through the woods away from us and the other 10 ran toward us drawing weapons.
    We all froze, except for one guy who projectile vomited on the spot. They got up to us and started shouting then I heard a gunshot and something whizzed between mine and my homies head. I hollered Chill man we just heard the music! Then I pulled out my bottle of Jager, took a giant gulp and held it out to a guy. He took a sip, put his arm around me and walked me to the trailer.
    We partied with those guys til the sun came up. I almost got shot, nearly shat my pants, then had a hell of a time.
  18. my dad was yelling at me via phone so i hung up and he texted me he was going to beat my ass when i got home
    scariest walk home of my life
  19. Why did you walk home then, you should've chilled at a friends house.
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    Really? That's the best you got? You have it easy :) or hard how ever you see it I guesse

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