Official Roommate Thread (Rant, Praise, etc.)

Discussion in 'General' started by PanelVan, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Tell me about your roommate. I'll start off.

    My roommate drives me up the wall. He's so damn conservative and boring. We never clash on anything, but he always seems to stifle my vibe. I can't stand making small talk with anyone but strangers, but that's all he can seem to do. We can't talk about anything meaningful because politics are too controversial, ethics, morality or philosophy because it's always tied to his religion, science because he shuns it, music because he only has a lukewarm interest, girls because he's celibate and doesn't even talk to them.

    Whenever I see him he remarks about the weather as if I can't see out my own damn window. He never seems to shy away from his *safe* conversation topics. He makes passive aggressive remarks about my clothing and toking. He is so damn obedient, homeboy doesn't even jaywalk, won't rock the boat in any context to any capacity and has no personality whatsoever. He strums his ukelele every damn day. Not chords or songs or anything, just open strings with no rhythm or even tuning the damn thing.

    He's been spending a lot of time outside the house since seeing a pentagram sticker on my longboard and finding out that I listen to heavy metal/hard rock (presumably devil-music?), so that's nice.
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  2. Don't have one.
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  3. That's the best roommate situation of all.
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  4. He's always showing me boring videos of the bike rides he occasionally goes on. He doesn't do anything cool in the videos, he's just cruising down the street at 9mph. He shows me long, long videos of his brothers riding their motorcycles, also just cruising. This ukelele shit is driving me crazy too.

    He seems uncomfortable with my affinity for skulls...
  5. How do you end up with a roomate so not your style? Craigslist?
  6. My roommate is a good friend of mine and his gf. Known them since high school.

    We honestly don't see too much of each other since we have complete opposite schedules. But their rent check clears every month, so it's all good.

    We get along, smoke doobies here and there.

    I've had terrible roommates before so it's a nice change.

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  7. My roommate is also my brother. Pays his bills on time and will even indulge in a little grass occasionally.

    He sleeps over at his girlfriend's house more than his own. Which is fine. I have a house to myself and I use his stuff while he's away.
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  8. My roommate is alright. She always picks up her underwear off the floor after I tear them off of her, and we've got cool matching rings which makes it feel like we're in a club. We're actually living with my folks right now. It's been a month and they're already driving me toward the crazy train, but the taste of home is kind of nice after so many years abroad.

    I've never had a bad flatmate experience; I've always lived with friends and anytime anyone was a shithead it was alright because we were all equal shitheads. One time I lived in a sharehouse that sometimes had about 15 people living or squatting in it... it wasn't good or bad, mostly just mental. I'm not sure I could do that again, not in my old age.
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  9. I live in a boarding house with 20+ people.. more than half of which have criminal records and all that.... as well as the best weed connections ;)

    No use bitching about my roommate situation, since you need to be a neurosurgeon or an aircraft engineer to be able to afford a place of your own place in this country.

    Just gotta make the most of it, work as a team. Build trust, respect. I help out people with their computer and internet problems, they give me weed and free rides around town, etc.
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  10. My Roomates never take out the fucking trash and let the dishes pile up until I fucking do them

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  11. He sounds a right barrel of laughs lol
    Tell him he is boring & to move out.

    I have never had a roommate cz i have never moved out haha
    However im currently in the process of moving out &into my own house. I started just before xmas & i reckon i will actually move in around july. As i told my mum you cant just rush into these things.

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  12. I had a roommate for 2 days and he left without telling me. I have no idea where he is or what he's doing. You may say "oh lucky you", but no. The motherfucker in the room next to me makes sure I don't go to bed until at least 3AM, and he accomplishes this by screaming at his computer over League of Legends. We have very thin walls in my complex.
  13. I'm renting a room from this lady I met on craiglist for room rentals.

    So I come to check it out with my dog, and she shows me the property and the room available.

    Awesome views, gated property, live up on a canyon hill with the coyotes.

    She's super cool as fuck, she smokes cigarettes in the house but the house has a strange ventilation system so the house never smells like stale smoke.
    She said she loves the smell of weed, but can't smoke it due to work reasons.

    Anyways, she ended up giving me 2 rooms since she doesn't use them.

    It's like a bachelor pad here, people can come party here whenever they want.
    Wish I knew more people in this area.


    She wants me to plant a few outside because they smell nice.

    Also she said I'm free to raid her medicine cabinet, which is full of hardcore pain pills, but I still to my dabs.

    And as a hiker, this place is amazing.

    There's a dozen hiking trails minutes from my driveway.
    This place is literally 30 minutes walk from my door.
    Reminds me of 'lord of the rings' no joke
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  14. You landed on your feet answering her add :)

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  15. My roommate is anoying as fuck don't have a job he just sits on the couch all day doesn't clean or cook. Never wares pants .

    Oh ya and he's a cat

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  16. holy shit man. You're SPOILED
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  17. It was just luck
  18. My room mate is drop dead gorgeous



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  19. I live with my wife, her sister, and their 90 year old grandmother. The grandmother is probably the worst roommate, cranks Dr. Phil at full volume all day and is batshit crazy so she can be a lot to deal with.
  20. I moved out here the day before classes started with no place to live and this guy walked into our now landlord's office while I was checking the place out and mentioned his roommate just moved out. He's pretty cool sometimes. I'll smoke hookah with him and his friends sometimes, although I'm usually on my phone or playing guitar, as there are varying levels of language barriers depending on who's over. He's really not that bad all the time. Living in a 650 sq foot apartment just breeds a brotherly love-hate relationship, the latter of which I was feeling when I posted my little rant. He's usually nice, just a little square.

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