Official Real Time Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by powerclean, Aug 12, 2012.


    Who are you with?

    What are you doing?

    Are you stoned?

    Are happy or sad?

    Literally explain what is happening at this moment in time, in your life.. Add whatever details necessary

  2. - by myself
    -video chatting with blade(s)
    -I'm alright :cool:
  3. Who are you with?- Myself, my cat and my dog.

    What are you doing? Posting on this thread, obviously.

    Are you stoned? That would be an understatement

    Are happy or sad? No complaints

    I think I'm going to work on one of my model kits later or I'll end up playing fighting games all night.
  4. Who are you with?

    My son and my gf

    What are you doing?

    Getting drunk and watching adventure time on cartoon network lol

    Are you stoned?


    Are happy or sad?


    Happening at this moment in time?

    My son if tugging at my leg cause he wants to have a wrestling match

    but im to drunk for that shit
  5. Threw up grey vommit... stomach feels yarrrr.
  6. I'm alone listening to music feeling content.
  7. Alone gonna go to sleep listening to music
  8. I'm fucked up.
  9. im really high man
  10. me and three dogs.
    stoned, yes always
    i am being lame and staying at my house
  11. Myself
    Listening to music. Gonna go for a walk then play some minecraft.
    Nah I wish. But I am amped up on coffee.
    Happy I guess. Nighttime is my time.

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