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Discussion in 'General' started by MASTERofGANJA, Sep 26, 2013.

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    I want to start this thread to give someone who might have had a bad day or feels depressed or sad some positive vibes. I want to help people that are going through some rough times and help people have a positive outlook on life. I would appreciate it if some of my fellow blades would contribute and post things that would be good for helping people in general. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1380222751.506803.jpg
  2. true... Here is one... When shit sucks, at least your not in Syria right now

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  4. So if any blades have something going on in their lives feel free to pm me and I'm open to talking anytime and from what people tell me I give good advice. Ever since I had a encounter with an unmentionable over the summer all I want to do is help people so whatever your problem is feel free to post on here or pm me.
  5. Is that you Darcy
  6. I will be posting daily with positive pictures, video links, words of advice and basically everything I can do to help out as many people as I can. Even if only 1 person reads this thread and changes their outlook on things I would be happy because at least I helped somebody.
  7. I'm not sure who you're referring too haha. Darcy?
  8. I miss Darcy...
  9. Check out the unofficial positive vibes thread stickied at the top of the forum ;)
  10. Isnt that the exact opposite of what you're supposed to be doing when you meditate? The guy vanished in thin air and became nothing

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