Official petition thread to get rid of all "official" threads.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Mamba Smoke!, May 9, 2010.

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  1. To much clutter.
    I am petitioning for 1000 signatures to limit these "official" threads. They leave no room for other threads. Unfortunately we will need to tax members to raise funds for the extra mod enforcement but dam will the forums be clean!

    1. Mamba Smoke!
    2. Hopefully you.

  2. First of all, petitions don't really matter here. Besides, 1000 signatures out of 250,000+ members isn't all that much...and I mean absolutely no offense with my comment. :)

    I don't see how threads titled with the word official don't leave room for other threads. I just can't wrap my head around that one. They don't take up any more space than a regular thread and there's always room for more threads. We average about 1000 new threads per day.

    Perhaps, I'm just misunderstanding your post. After the week I've had, I wouldn't be surprised. ;)

  3. I don't know, I just like to petition things :D
    I love Politics.
  4. First I don't agree with you, or your logic.

    Secondly, this is a paradox. You have an offical thread to remove all offical threads, in which case your thread would be removed, and then there would be no petition to remove the others. Which I guess why you're asking sigs.

    Just me, but I'll say I don't agree with your idea or logic.

  5. Yes, if it passes this thread and all other official threads would be deleted. Making no more clutter.


    The "law" would have passed and a new rule would be passed onto the forum rules thus not allowing anymore official threads.

    Your logical thinking makes no sense.
    And this was really meant just for Pandora's box but it was moved here. Don't know why :/
  6. so, in your time here you've learned to hate official threads, and this was meant for pandoras box.

    where we can't make threads about drugs..

    and we have to talk in the "official" threads....

    your logic doesn't make sense to me, whatsoever.

    and the fact that you tried to post a feedback petition in pandoras box leads me to believe you haven't even read the rules of the forum. or at least the little description at the top of each forum.

    no disrespect here, son. but i don't know how 5 threads, tagged official, and all of the conversation of everything regarding it goes on in those 5 threads makes the forum cluttered? doesn't that do... the opposite?

  7. You know, with that 5000 post of yours you would think you were more aware that there is far more than 5 "official" threads in Pandoras box. And look at the first person to post on my thread, if it was against the rules it wouldn't have been approved by that person.
    Because of that I just can't respond to you with any real intelligence. But same to you, no disrespect. Let's keep it clean.

    This is just turning to a hate thread.
  8. Hmmm no, I like them. And your logic doesn't really make sense (see title). Sorry.
  9. How the hell do "official" threads cause clutter?

    They're created to REDUCE clutter, bud. That's their main purpose.
    If we didn't have the official "Just Blazed" thread, do you have any
    idea how many threads we'd have that would be strictly limited to:

    "doodz I'm seeewwww high rite now, itz crazzzy shiet mang. Far out, woooo"

    Today is truly Idiot Day for the City.
  10. i didn't say it wasn't against the rules, dude. i said i don't think you read the rules. considering you just said "you don't see why this was moved to the general feedback section, it was for pandoras box" when if you knew the rules of the forum, you'd know that this thread is not meant for PB, at all. only new threads going in PB have to be conspiracy related, or very vanilla drug info.

    and yes, with my five thousand posts i've noticed more than 5 threads, but i was not going to go back and count how many different kinds of drugs there were. with my five thousand posts, and over a year here i've also learned a thing or two about how grasscity is. full of pot heads who don't understand the beauty behind centralized information. i apologize if i came off as rude, sir. but pandoras box needs those official threads, if you want them gone, that means you want all discussion of other drugs gone, as well as more information that any one person could aquire by making a thread "omgz i lurve heroin so much" and get responses like "me2 dudebro" "you're a piece of shit for doing heroin" "don't hate, it's the box" "fuck the haters, i love heroin" like every single thread goes for harder drugs. the official appreciation thread seriously make the city run a lot more swimmingly. i know i'm not the only one who's noticed it, even if pandoras box is a lot different than it used to be, it's still alive and thriving with more information than anyone would ever know what to do with, in those "official" threads that you seemingly hate.

    True "the official i like girls who brush their teeth upside down" threads (not a real title.. i don't think) are retarded, and as pointless as facebook groups, but the official acid/benzo/opiate appreciation threads do exactly what they're meant to. keep all the info in a central area, in which you can search in the thread and find exactly what you're looking for.
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    This got more responses than I thought it would :)
    Please refrain from calling me an idiot lol.

    And limegreen, thats a better reply thank you. Maybe I should petition to remove the retarded ones.

    Professor: know I've seen you around GC. I thought you were pretty cool. Unfortunately I just lost respect for ya :/ even after you commented on my rise and fall of an innocent girl tsk tsk
  12. fail thread fails
  13. Does not get my approval.
  14. I should put a "against it" list.
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    Wait...Are you by any chance, referring to my main man "True Purple"!?

    Hopefully one day you'll be able to see past my rugged and hardened exterior; to see the soft, unspoken and misunderstood figure that is "tha Professor".

    No promises though, that rugged exterior is pretty thick.
  16. all "official" threads will just start to be posted as " Super legit Ultimate Mega <insert name> Thread".

    Actually, is there anychance the Mods could just start changing thread titles to that now please?

  17. No no no, lol its "Clean Purple". I now see past your rugged hardened exterior.

  18. LOL oh man, that brings me back.
  19. What's with all the hate and ugliness? This isn't the only thread in General Feedback that I've seen turn this way. General Feedback is a forum where people can suggest things and such. The Mods, Super Mods, me and SJ are here to answer their questions. It's cool when a member who knows the answer for sure can chime in...however, it's NOT cool at all to come in here and bash people who have suggestions or complaints or whatever it is. If you don't have an answer, it would be best to just stay away from the thread.

    Name-calling, disrespect and crap like that just isn't welcome here at all and I'm very disappointed that any of it was even posted. :(
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