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    hi! i know theres a creepiest thread, but this is strictly for paranormal activity.

    i hella burned my thumb with my joint so i can't type well, ill post my many experiences tomorrow.

    Edit: first story

    My mom is a very honest and trusting women, she never lies unless it's to protect someone she loves.

    Anyway one night she woke up at 3 am and felt like something sinister was forcing its way into her, she then felt a deep grumble go down her throat and she started speaking in dark demonic tongue.

    *keep in mind I'm right above her.* she instantly started to think of Jesus Christ. *we are free spirited and do not attend church but believe in christ* and it immediately force exited her and bounced to the corner of the room and sat there for a few seconds, almost debating if she was worth it and then left.

    100% true my mom is not a liar and does not drink or do anything that could have clouded her mind.
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    OP you're supposed to post a story of your own so we get motivated

    edit: nvm I just read the second sentence of your post..

    Anyways my friend who lives in a suburb house kept seeing a woman in his house when he was younger. At the time he wasn't scared or anything he was just kind of confused. When he told his dad about it his dad had like a mental break down because the dad said he had seen the same women inside the house. The dad said that one time he was sitting in his car and the women came up and close the door for him...

    They did some research later and found out that the woman was the former resident of the house, and had died in a fire over 50 years ago. A couple of neighbours can even recall the incident.

    heard this from him recently...scary stuffs
  3. yeah sorry i got like a fucking second degree burn on my thumb :'(
  4. I support this thread.

    I'll try and sum mine up quickly.

    So I worked at this camp as a watersports instructor and in 2009 a girl (around 13) suffered a seizure in the middle of the night. My friend who was her counselor woke out of a dead sleep and looked over and saw the girl like choking on her tounge and in bad shape, in that same instant she saw what she described as a little girl around the age of 6 or 7 standing there in a long white gown with long dark hair and these big brown eyes that she said she will never forget. This little "girl" was holding up the head of the girl having a seizure, She said this girl was looking at her dead in the eyes making a hymn like vocalization in a voice that my friend said she couldn't describe, but that it was like a heavenly humming. she knew this little girl was trying to tell her to help

    my friend immediately jumped out of bed and as soon as she did the little girl who was holding the head of the girl having a seizure was gone. Afterward another counselor confided in my friend and told her she saw the same thing but to this day they don't like to talk about it and refused to go back in that bunk ever again.

    The little girl ended up being ok but if not for the mysterious little girl, who knows what would have happened. she definitely wasn't another camper and to this day it baffles all involved. To me this wasn't a scary story, more of a inspiring guardian angel type story.
  5. damn well ill do a short one right now,

    just the other week i was sitting in my basement (high but not like derp stoned) i can still tell what's real and everything. anyways i was sitting on the couch and all the sudden i saw what looked to be a dark hand peeking over the corner, i then realised he was holding an orb of light. it flashed quickly 2 times and dissapeared, i was home alone and there was absolutely no explanation, searched my house ect.
  6. Welllllll there goes my sleep
  7. I've never personally had any experiences, but in my old house my dad used to say he saw his mom walking around the place often. My mom said she saw my dad's mom often sitting in their bedroom when they were sleeping and sometimes watching my brother and I.
  8. First story up top guys
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    When I was 13 I noticed that every time I fell asleep facing my closet (right) I would have a nightmare about a dark figure chasing me trying to kill me. I would usually realize I was in a nightmare and I would run around and scream and try to pinch or hit myself to try to wake myself up from the nightmare before the figure reached me but my body wouldn't wake up and when it did I would wake up out of breath. Luckily I always able to wake myself up right before the figure threw itself on me.

    Well, one day I fell asleep with the light on and when I woke up I opened my eyes and saw the black figure from the nightmares standing next to me. I blinked and it was gone.

    This nightmare/waking up outta breath shit happened for months. It was horrible I didn't know what to do it just wouldn't go away.

    Til this day I have no idea what that thing was but I know it was definitely evil.

    Eventually it stopped happening but I never told my parents or anything cuz I know it'd just make them paranoid lol.

    My dad has the "sixth sense" he's been able to see ghosts and talk to them since he was a kid. He's not afraid of them though he always tells me "fear the living, cuz the dead can't hurt you"
  10. Nice story.! Paranormal happenings are all too real, demons and angels.
  11. Honestly this sounds like sleep paralysis. I agree, it's absolutely terrifying.
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    I edited my post and added some stuff.

    They are most definitely real, I don't care what anyone says. That dark entity was real as fuck and I still have the image of it standing next to me. It wasn't even a human or anything it was like a tall black shape that was kinda grainy.

    I thought of it being sleep paralysis but it eventually stopped and I never had it again. I've had other nightmares before where I woke up out of breath but with the dark entity I never had it again thank god that shit was ridiculous. I don't remember what I did I think I got rid of the bed I was sleeping on (it was given to me) and probably threw holy water around the room just because I was sick of it fucking with me and I was convinced that one day I wasn't going to out run it and once it threw itself on me I would die lol. I'm not even religious but hey I was desperate.
  13. Another time right after my dog died I was walking through the hallway and I turned the corner and I saw a dog shaped shadow wiz across the room. Pretty weird shit guys. :smoking:
  14. I disagree I think the dead can hurt you more then the living in some degree. Demons mainly.
  15. Sorry guys I have like 10 million story's I'm just thinking right now
  16. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4c0o9L_21c]sleep paralysis the terror in the night - YouTube[/ame]
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    I wouldn't wake up and be paralyzed lol when I was awake that's when I could move. Never saw an old hag or person just the grainy black tall figure. It only happened when I fell asleep facing the closet (right side which was my preference unfortunately).

    I'd say 60% of the time now I realize I am in a dream and I stop w/e I'm doing in the dream and start fucking around until I make myself wake up lol. Lucid dreaming I think? I guess but it happens naturally to me. I know there's some threads and stuff that instruct you on how to have lucid dreams but I never bothered reading any of them.

    But anyways, this is about paranormal activity! I'm glad the entity disappeared. I always keep a lil rosary in my room now lol not for religious purposes but meh it doesn't hurt.

    I was a troubled kid when I was 13 maybe that was why. Those entity things prey on the weak.
  18. Ok, alot of these stories are ones that happen in the middle of the night. Sometimes people are half awake/half dream state for the first few seconds of consciousness, making them experience these paranormal experiences.
  19. I think being half awake/asleep is cool lol I realize it when it happens as well.


    Ok well let's see my dad first saw a ghost when he was like 7. During the day he was working around the farm and a friend of the family that had died recently came up to him and started talking to him. Had a conversation with him and that was when my dad realized he had that sixth sense gift.

    My mom has it too but I don't think hers is as strong as my dad's though. She's only seen ghost a few times in her life but my dad has seen them all his life. Besides the entity I haven't seen anything and don't want to lol.
  20. I believe people definitely can see/talk to ghosts, but i was just saying for the majority of the stories on here, but thats crazy!

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